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  • Pros And Cons Against Cowspiracy

    Charly Frisk Corrie Grosse Intro to Environmental Science Cowspiracy PDP: Against Cowspiracy Brief Introduction In the documentary Cowspiracy, Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn seek to expose the impact of the agricultural industry on global climate change. However, the documentary deceives audiences of the real contribution of agriculture to global warming, Anderson and Kuhn negatively portray environmentalists and lose credibility themselves, and Cowspiracy fails to realize the consequences a…

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  • Blackfish Critique

    LAZY ARGUING Sea World’s attempt to refute the documentary “Blackfish” was so disappointing. It did not just fail; it crashed and burned. “Blackfish” is a documentary that shows the psychological and physical harm Sea World is doing to their Killer whales by keeping them in a confined space. The Documentary also demonstrates the danger Sea World is putting their trainers in by having them work with their killer whales. In response Sea World published, on their website, an article titled…

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  • The Crest By Mark Covino: Film Analysis

    In the 2017 documentary, The Crest, directed by Mark Covino, the story of two cousins on opposite sides of the United States who are both surfers and both unaware of the other’s existence, and they discover that they are both descendants of An Ri, the last King of the Blasket Islands, a collection of rocky islands off the western-most point of Ireland. The cousins meet for the first time in Ireland on a quest to explore their shared heritage, learn what has been passed down to them from those…

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  • Who Killed Vincent Chin Analysis

    Who Killed Vincent Chin? (1988) is a documentary made by Christine Choy and Renee Tajima regarding the brutal murder of Chinese-American engineer, Vincent Chin, and the aftermath of the first judicial decision of the incident. His murderers, Ronald Ebens and Ebens’ stepson, Michael Nitz, faced minimal repercussions (3 years probation and $3700 fine) for clubbing the young man to death after a verbal altercation at a Detroit bar & strip-club. The documentary allows Ronald Ebens and his wife and…

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  • The Lazarus Effect Film Analysis

    The documentary begins with a medium close up shot of an elderly Zambian woman telling the story of Lazarus. This elderly woman appears to be fragile and weak, but is telling a story of hope. By forcing the viewer to focus on her words and her expressions in a medium close up shot they made this elderly woman a symbol of the HIV/AIDS population of Zambia While her words give a story of hope, her face contradicts that with a look of sadness and pain. A majority of people with HIV/AIDS in Zambia…

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  • The Mask You Live In Analysis

    second documentary, the Mask You Live In focuses on societal constructs of femininity and masculinity and how these constructs impact men and women in society. It discusses the experiences and issues of mainly men, focusing on the influence society has on men by enforcing certain expectations of what a man should be like. Joe Herman, Michael Kimmel and several others discuss their experiences with societal pressures to behave masculine. Some of the main issues discussed in this documentary are…

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  • War Dog Analysis

    produce the said documentary, which will air in time for Veterans Day on HBO, yet he does not have a clue how it would affect him to place himself in the lives of these war veterans and their canine war comrades. Tatum, who taught of himself as a “massive dog person,” hopes that viewers will exercise deep appreciation for the outstanding…

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  • Consuming Kids The Commercialization Of Childhood Analysis

    The Documentary, Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood, made in 2008, places needed light on the marketing practices of corporations used to make lifelong consumers. The director of this documentary spotlights the advertising practices done by companies to sell products to children, no matter how deceptive and manipulative. More specifically, the director draws attention to the negative repercussions caused by advertisements. Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood…

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  • The Devil's Playground Analysis

    church or leave the Amish world altogether. Based on the values and beliefs of the Amish community, they can be described as a microculture within macroculture America. As seen in the documentary, those who are part of the Amish community display collectivistic attitudes and high-context communication. The documentary takes place in LaGrange County, Indiana and follows several Amish teenagers as they explore their time in rumspringa. Some of the Amish youth drive cars, wear English clothes,…

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  • Civil Rights Movement: The Black Panther Movement

    In order to give historical context, the documentary showed footage and pictures from key incidents such as protests, newsreels, and Panther functions. It also contained voice overs and direct interviews from members of the Black Panther Party and members of various police units as well as other onlookers…

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