'Into The Abyss' By Werner Herzog: Documentary Analysis

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“Into the Abyss” by Werner Herzog is the document I chose to watch. This document had a total of six sections. In each section, Werner Herzog directed the crime that was committed, people involved, the affects and after math of the crime. The first section is labeled “The Crime.” Werner Herzog begins the documentary by showing a man named Michael James Perry who was on death row in Livingston, Texas for crimes he and a friend of his, Jason Burkett, committed ten years ago. The crimes he received death row for was capital murder and triple homicide. Damon Hall, a member of the Montgomery County Sheriff Dept. narrates the account of the crime. In October 2001, Michael Perry and Jason Burkett were parked outside of a house where their acquaintances Adam Stotler and Jeremy Richardson stayed in a gated community. Initially, they came there with the intention of asking Adam Stotler could they stay the night because they didn’t have anywhere else to go, but, they were after the red Camaro in Adam Stotler’s garage. Their plan changed when Adam Stotler’s mother, Sandra Stotler, told them the boys were gone. After hearing that the boys planned to kill her and take the car. The boys went back to their car, waited, and …show more content…
He stated that he used to go hunting with Burkett. He also stated that one time, Jason tried to kill him over a girl. Jason put a 22-caliber single shot pistol to his head but it misfired. Jason told Herzog that one day he saw Perry and Burkett holding hands showing off cars claiming that they had won a lottery ticket. Jared alleged that he knew it didn’t sound right because they were felons and didn’t have driver licenses. Burkett and Perry went to a bar to show off their new cars, told people there that the lottery ticket was $4000 and that they cashed out at a gas station then they started giving people

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