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  • Texts And Driving: The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

    creates risk of crash 23 times worse than driving when they are not distracted. To be exact about eleven percent of drivers in between the age bracket of 18 to 20 involved in a vehicle accident and survived confessed they were replying or receiving text messages when they crashed. The statistics show that distracted drivers are distracted due to addiction to phone. No matter how good an individual is at multitasking handling the arising situation on road is very difficult to handle at…

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  • Essay On The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

    drivers know the dangers using their phones to text and drive but 34% of them admit that they do it anyways. Eleven teens die daily as a result of being able to use their phones to text and drive. This does not only affect teenage drivers, in the US one out of every four car accidents involve texting and driving. Accidents caused by texting and driving are six times more likely than those driving drunk. Studies show that on an average responding to a text takes the drivers attention away from…

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  • How Has Technology Changed My Life?

    How has technology changed in your life? There are many different kinds of technology in today’s time. Technology has increased greatly in the past years. I still remember when no one had laptops and cell phones didn’t even have Internet access. Now we have so many different kinds of technology and I think they can control our lives. Technology has changed the way I live day to day. I can’t even go a day without having my cell phone. The use of technology in my life has changed greatly, both…

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  • Football Boyfriend Case Study Essay

    Case 1: Case Study the Football Star’s Fictitious Girlfriend The first case study I chose from the book was the “Case Study the Football Star’s Fictitious Girlfriend” from chapter 12. The case explains the situation of Manti Te’o, Notre Dame University's linebacker in 2012 and his Stanford graduate girlfriend, Lennay Kekua who was reported to be involved in a car accident, and later diagnosed with leukemia. Days after learning that his girlfriend and grandmother died, the then linebacker…

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  • Speed Doesn T Kill Analysis

    Everyone speeds, or at the very least has driven faster than the posted speed limit sign. Some may argue that the speed limits should remain the way they are, however, the article “Speed Doesn’t Kill” shows readers logos, ethos, and pathos by providing simple statistical information from several resources along with person insight to argue that speed limits should be reasonably increased. The author, Matthew L. Herbert, argues that the majority of people don’t get in car crashes from someone…

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  • Summary Of Technology By Amy Williams

    The main point made by the author, Amy Williams, is that children should be limited on the amount of time they can be on their phones. Williams believes that children having phones is mostly a bad thing. Williams, through the help of other highly sophisticated people, believes that when children are overusing touch-screen technology their brains development could be impacted, but she also lists some reasons as to why smartphones and technology have benefits too. Williams supports her main points…

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  • Telephone Vs Iphone Compare And Contrast

    after it was sent. (Bauer, 1995) In the past, if it was necessary to send a short message, for example at work, a memo could be passed around the office, which would take some time to circulate. This is different from the current situation, in which a text message can be sent and received…

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  • Outline For Underage Driving Essay

    Title: Underage Driving Thesis Statement: Underage driving should not be allowed because it is one of the causes of traffic collisions. Problem: Should the government allow underage drivers to travel legally? I. Introduction 1.1 Definition of underage driving 1.2 Reasons of underage driving II. Rules and Regulations in Driving 2.1 Safety driving procedure 2.2 Classifying traffic signals 2.3 Limiting of vehicle speed III. Characteristics of underage drivers involved in car accidents or…

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  • The Importance Of Texting In Adolescents

    To test this, I will study the 60 students in their school. Over the period of the school year, 9 months, I will collect and oversee the adolescences text messages. There will be 2 things I am looking for. First, I will record how often the adolescence texts a month. Then I will look deeper into the texts at spelling, punctuation and basic grammar. In addition to this, I will collect every paper the student writes, throughout the school year and look at the spelling, punctuation…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Driverless Vehicles

    By the 2030’s, every car in the United States may be driverless. This is assuming the “best case scenario” that the majority of drivers give up the reigns to their choice to drive. With how inconsistent human driving is and how dangerous accidents can be, it sounds like a rational idea to let technology take over this aspect of society. In fact, the developments are only going to get better in 20 years. There are possibilities of unwarranted, negative societal changes that could sprout from the…

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