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  • Model Appropriate Behavior Essay

    Modelling Appropriate Behaviors: Cell Phone Etiquette Cell phones are an everyday part of life. We all have one and even some of our children have cell phones. With this increase availability of cell phones it is important that we model appropriate behavior in order for our children to pick up on appropriate behavior. There are many different approaches to cell phone etiquette, especially when it comes to dealing with preteens and teenagers. • Communication: If you believe that your child is…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Art Of Photography

    The art of photography was developed from people wanting to capture moments that they hope to remember for a lifetime. Before phone cameras came about there was Polaroid’s and disposable cameras, they all capture the image desired but the way the photograph is viewed is different. Photos taken on phone cameras, tablets, and newer cameras are digital images and the product is viewed at that instant on a screen. In contrast, photos that are thoughtfully taken on a Polaroid and disposable cameras…

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  • Cell Phones Should Not Be Used While Driving Essay

    other driver's lives. Cellphones should not be allowed to be used while driving because of the distractions it cause. Despite the warnings of cellphone being a hazard to other's lives; drivers still use cell phones while driving. Why would someone text while driving? They cannot resist the urge of not doing it. On a daily basis a person…

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  • Why People Should Wear Seatbelts

    Many people think that seatbelts are not cool to wear when driving. Vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death among those aged 1-54 in the U.S. More than 2.2 million adult drivers and passengers were treated in emergency departments as the result of being injured in vehicle crashes in 2012. In order to prevent injuries, people should always wear seatbelts. (ehs.okstate.edu) Although some people think seatbelts aren’t safe a million people have died in the last few years. More than 10…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Can Technology Ruining Happiness?

    Can technology ruin happiness? People today regularly use their mobile devices to communicate with friends, but they do not take advantage of the chance to talk in person with those who are around them. As a result, using technical devices can make people isolated from the real world. Quality of life is influenced by the extent to which a person is happy, safe, and healthy. Technology has had a larger influence on human life and society overall than it used to a few decades ago. Although…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Night Driving

    While some people enjoy driving at night because there are less people on the roads, others hate having to drive in the dark. No matter which group you fit into, you will probably find yourself driving in the dark at some point. Here are some things you can do to make your nighttime driving experience safer. Keep a Safe Speed Speed limits are created for clear, daytime conditions. Your headlights are meant to illuminate the roadway for four seconds in front of you. If you cannot see at least…

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  • Drag Racing Research Paper

    The year 2004, in Caneville, Oregon, The Caneville Control of Illegal Racing Clubs Ordinance passed by a unanimous vote in order to correct the deadly problem of drag races. Drag racing is a type of motorcar racing where, 2 or more participants test how fast their cars can go in comparison to each other. This type of racing has become a serious issue within the past few years, even resulting in three deaths and plenty of minor injuries in Caneville. On the night of May 21, 2005, Dana Kendall,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Driving Down The Road

    Millions of people are killed in vehicular accidents every year. Many of them involve texting, talking to the passenger, and other forms of multitasking while driving. However, many of them also involve one little missed detail: turning your head. In driver's education, everyone is taught to look twice, but not everyone does. Speed and perception are huge factors in why looking twice is so important. A motorcycle may not be seen at first look, but by the second it seems to have appeared out of…

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  • Alone Together By Sherry Turle Analysis

    What is sociology? Sociology is the scientific study of social behavior and human groups. Sociology is studied and seen everywhere. In the book Alone Together by Sherry Turkle she explains how technology changes the way people interact. One example is the way we interact with each other. Today mostly every one has a cell phone. Sherry Turkle believes that the way we interact with one and another has vastly changed. Our generation has never not been without a phone. It is always with the…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Should Children Have Cell Phones?

    cellphone In todays society cell phones are devices that many teenagers/adults can’t manage without. For many teenagers and adults, it is hard to go to work or school without their cell phone. Back in the day cell phones were mostly used to call and send text messages, they didn’t have big fancy touchscreens like we have today. Cell phones today have evolved into something much bigger. You can now do tasks that your computer can do on a cell phone. But how old should you be when you get your…

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