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  • What Is Texting While Driving?

    Driving Driving and texting simultaneously is becoming a major problem that has been increasing death rates drastically. There is an abundant amount of people who knowledgable that driving distracted can be life threatening, yet they proceed to text while they are behind the wheel. This act puts many people at risk. Many believe that they are easily capable of multitasking. Safety of yourself and others will always be an important role of driving. Do not take advantage of the privilege of…

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  • Life Risking And Driving Essay

    she had said because I believed I was driving normal and perfectly fine when in reality I put many people’s lives in danger other than just my own for not just waiting an hour and thirty minutes until I got back to school to check my social media and text…

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  • Cell Phones And Society

    The use of cell phones varies wildly from country to country, both when it comes to times and when it comes to situations in which they are used. It has mostly got something to do with the cultural differences that are seen around the world today. There are also different opinions on whether or not the phones are good for the social life and society in general, and whether or not the social medias are what they claim to be: A place to be social with friends and acquaintances. For example, the…

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  • Should Cell Phones Be Banned In Schools?

    This is probably one of the biggest and if not, the biggest problem there is about having cellphones in class. During classes in school, students could possibly play games, text or do so much more. Because of this, student won’t focus as much on what they are supposed to be learning and focus more on their devices. For an instance, students could possibly be hiding their phones beneath the desk and be texting to their friends…

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  • Technology Should Be Banned While Driving

    The University of Utah: “Both hand-held and hands-free cell phone conversations impaired driving… there were no significant differences in the impairments caused by these two modes of cellular communication.” Technology has taken a huge toll on people’s everyday lives. Whether it is a handheld or hands-free phone it controls everyone’s priorities at all times. People cannot be without their phones for a long period of time. This habit can become especially dangerous when one is on the road. The…

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  • Texting And Driving And Poverty Essay

    provides video feedback as it’s happening to parents. Also, there is an app from AT&T that is compatible with smartphones that doesn 't let text messages or calls come through while a teen or adult is driving. People can also sign a text-free-driving pledge which doesn 't make a driver not text and drive but makes them feel like they broke a promise if they do text and drive. (“Texting and Driving Statistics”, 2015). An alternative to texting and driving could be to get a system put into your…

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  • The Diary Of The Isolation Analysis

    The Diary of the isolated: When I was a child, I dreamt of owning a radio. It was the cutting edge in technology. You could connect to people sitting far away but without any messy cables to trip over. It was a dream that was out of my reach. But years passed and that dream became reality and the many hours I spent tinkering with it, the many hours of pure enjoyment that I have experienced, has become but grains in the hourglass of time for I cannot bring it back. Just as how I cannot bring my…

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  • How To Reduce Cell Phones In Schools

    habit, Kids play games when they should be paying attention. And, most importantly, people can Gps kids phones at and 115 kids have gone missing after school. Cell phones are distracting because kids text and call. kids in class text and that is bad they can text bad things to friends and cyber bullying kids.…

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  • Texting And Driving: Such A Big Thing To Do?

    life in danger by texting and driving is not important. The ad below put warning people not to text and drive and I knew way In the ad below it shows a woman looking down at her phone to text someone and in front of her is a guy in a chicken suit and a person…

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  • Why Is It Safe To Use Cell Phones While Driving Essay

    In today’s society, it’s safe to say that everyone has a cell phone; people are on their cell phone while walking, biking, while working out at the gym, working, and most dangerously-while driving. While some of these tasks are harmless; talking on a cell phone while driving is very harmful. Studies have shown that driving while using a cell phone is the same as drunk driving. Research has determined that driving while using a cell phone diminishes a driver’s response time and, drivers using…

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