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  • How Does Technology Affect Communication Skills

    A. Technology has advanced plenty in these past few decades. So much so, it has changed the way people communicate. With smart phones becoming so advanced, it is easier to let technology do the writing for them. Texting has changed the way society stays in touch with each other allowing social skills to diminish with time passing by. According to Solomon Ali Daniseh from the International Journal of English Linguistics, the frequent use of mobile phones, specifically among Wa Polytech students,…

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  • Social Media Types Research Paper

    You can type in all caps or put multiple exclamation points to show excitement or anger and in today’s society it is mostly understood. When you text though, you are not really able to get emotions across, there is no sarcasm or anything like that. I feel like if you end your sentence while texting with a period it is a sign of anger or that you are trying to be serious. The author of this article…

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  • The Impact Of Multitasking On Students

    goes on to say It’s not only at home that kids are multitasking, they are also doing it in the classrooms shown by reports by teachers seeing an increasing rate of cell phones and other electronic gadgets being used inside the classroom. Since text messaging during class isn’t just a high tech version of passing notes it its demand for attention shows that multitasking may impact student’s ability to learn as well. it…

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  • Effects Of Texting On Communication Skills

    Communication Skills.” Indeed, various ways of communicating have improved over the course of the year, however texting has setback those improvements because it is slowly if not, destroying effective communication. Dansieh states “There is no doubt that text messaging has some impact on the way people talk and write-some negative; others positive depending on the content and context” (Dansieh 222). Upon completing his research and based on the data he collected from various educators, it was…

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  • The Hindrance Of Technology

    before him and his family was shot to death. Luckily, the shooter’s face was caught in the photo and this helped policemen find the man responsible for killing this politician and his family. Cell phones can also be used to track phone calls and read text messages of the criminal. The police force can pinpoint the exact time the phone call took place and the precise location of the cell phone when the call was being…

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  • Pros Of Distracted Driving

    approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving(“Distracted”). Many teenagers nowadays are able to access their license at the age of 16. Teenagers are already inexperienced drivers, and many of them text and drive. In 2014, 3,179 people were killed, and 431,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers (“Distracted”). It should be a wake up call to every American that over 3,000 people died in 2014 because of…

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  • Texting While Driving Essay

    Technology has been on an unwavering high rise for the past century. The amount of people driving now a days is increasing as well. Instead of having a conversation in person or picking up the phone to call someone, people choose to text one another. Text messaging has become the biggest framework for communication. Now a days, most everyone has a cell phone with them at all times. It has become habit to constantly pay attention to our cell phones, whether it be looking at who texted us,…

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  • Cellphone In School

    would say “lol” the abbreviated form of “laugh out loud.” Likewise, the article further states that “Texting during class is an ongoing problem for many schools and the Mercy Hurst University website explains that aside from being disrespectful, text-messaging students are not providing their teachers with undivided attention.” If texting during classes prevent teens from performing simple skills, such as attentive listening in order to just pay attention to their work. Then as a result teens…

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  • The Pedestrian And There Will Come Soft Rain: Critical Analysis

    We all know those people that can not peel themselves from their technology, whether it’s the CEO of a major business or a teenage girl, they walk with their faces lit with the screaming brightness of a phone. In modern society, if a person is found on social media it is considered cool, while reading is not. Recent society has become caught up in the latest movies, fashion trends, and social media. Ray Bradbury wrote of this happening all the way back in the 1950s! He wrote science fiction…

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  • Communication And Technology: The Consequences Of Smartphone Addiction

    Every day, technological advancements are made. While there are countless benefits to these advancements, there are also numerous drawbacks. Yes, it is nice to have mankind’s knowledge at your fingertips- produced by the average smartphone- but it is also problematic in terms of dependency. Speaking from personal observations, the vast majority of millennials do not leave home without their phone. Once again, this makes the tasks of communication, wasting time, and accessing information…

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