Thévenin's theorem

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    PROCEDURE Maximum power and Norton’s Theorem will be performed to solve the unknowns within the given circuit. How to use both Maximum Power and Norton’s Theorem properly, are to be explained in order to solve a circuit using these approaches. THEORY MAXIMUM POWER Maximum power states that a load receives max power from a network when it’s resistance is exactly equal to the Thevenin and Norton resistance of the network supplying the power (as shown below): If the load resistance is higher or lower than the Thevenin/Norton equivalent then there would be no maximum power continued on next page: AT 0.5 Ω: AT 1.1 Ω In Max Power a bell curve graph would be used to show the correlation between power (R_L) versus resistance (R_S)…

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    The Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods are a group of loving and caring ladies who try to take care of their community when in need. They have been involved in several outreach programs within their community. A few of the community involvements they have been involved with are helping people who live in poverty, have put together a food pantries and have set up an Anti-Racism group. The sisters furthermore, set out the missions put in place by Saint Mother Theodore Guerin. The…

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