The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton

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    Holmes Breaking the Law?! In the story “The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton” (1904) by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, the author shows us that Sherlock Holmes breaks the law for the sake of helping and protecting the upper class people, leaving the lower class people behind and using them to get threw the case he’s dealing with. We can all agree that he’s wrong but at the same time its smart of the way he does it. Holmes breaks the law by tricking Milvertons’ maid in order to get information to help him in the case. Another way he broke the law was by burgling Milvertons’ house. Therefore, this piece of writing will illustrate how Holmes breaking the law helped protect Lady Eva with the letters that she requested to get back and the wife…

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    home he has access to her money. He prevents Miss Sutherland from marrying by pretending to be her lover. In another case, “The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” Helen Stoner comes to Holmes because she feels threatened by her stepfather. Helen’s twin sister suffered a sudden violent death before she was to be married. Helen is now engaged to be married, and has been moved into the room where her twin sister died. Holmes realizes that Helen’s stepfather planned to kill both sisters before…

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