The Adventure of the Final Problem

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  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Final Problem

    In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Final Problem, the narrative portrays many features that are significant in developing the story as a whole. Some of the major features of the narrative that will be mentioned include a discussion of Watson’s presence throughout the narrative, encounters between Holmes and Professor Moriarty and Holmes’s conclusion in solving this narratives’ problem. Concepts that will be used include ideas related to Russian Formalism, and Structuralism. With Russian Formalism, motivation is a key concept that will be discussed. Then, with Structuralism, aside from the basic units of the narrative such as functions and indices, order and duration are thoroughly analyzed. The speaker of this narrative is Watson, Holmes’s partner…

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  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventure Of The Final Problem

    of wit and cunning through his short story “The Adventure of the Final Problem.” The last escapade of the renowned detective is filled with suspense and drama as the contest between Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty ends with the demise of both the champion of the law and the most dangerous criminal of their generation. Within this adventure, Doyle not only manages to provide a unique perspective by telling the story through the eyes of Sherlock Holmes closest companion, but also manages to…

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  • Explain The Four Stages Of A Hero's Journey

    All stories have a common structural of stages found universally in myths, fairy trials, dreams and movies. These twelve stages make up the hero’s journey. The first stage is the ordinary world. The ordinary world is the hero’s world and safe haven. It allows the reader the opportunity to understand the Hero’s drives, and problems, while showing unique characteristics and flaws that make him human and real. The next stage after the ordinary world is the call to adventure. The call to adventure…

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  • Call To The Inmost Cave Analysis

    Ordinary World The protagonist’s world before the story proper begins. The hero is shown against a background of home environment, family background, and personal history. This anchors the protagonist as a sympathetic person. Some kind of divide or schism in their life is pulling them in different directions and causing stress. 2. Call To Adventure The protagonist's adventure begins when they receive the call to action. This may present itself as a direct threat to personal safety, family…

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  • Bilbo In The Hobbit

    Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who never once dreamed of going on an adventure, suddenly got chosen by Gandalf to become the fourteenth member of Thorin and Company's adventure to reach the Lonely Mountain and take it back from Smaug. Bilbo is a Baggins, the heir of a thoroughly respectable and conventional family through his father, but his mother was a Took, an eccentric clan of hobbits noted for their love of excitement and adventure. Despite having more money, the Tooks were less respected than the…

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  • Truman Movie Analysis

    schedule everyday gets boring for Truman after a while and he wants adventure in his life. Truman has always held onto the thought of his first love, Sylvia, and he wants to travel to see her. What Truman doesn’t know however is that he was an unwanted pregnancy and he was chosen to become the main character of a reality television show that began at the beginning of his life. He has been recorded every day of his life for a show that is broadcasted to millions, and every person who surrounds…

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  • The Hobbit Short Summary

    really just one setting for you see in the Book Bilbo is on an adventure and has to travel many lands but his main goal is to get to the mountains. In the begging of the story Bilbo and his normal ordinary routine is disrupted by a wizard and 12 dwarves. They seek a burglar and a top notch burglar because they want to claim their treasure back from an evil dragon named smaug and smaug isn't quite friendly, Well you see Smaug the evil dragon took thorin's father’s land and they want to retrieve…

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  • Comparison Between C. S Lewis The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

    forever. When 4 children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy find a portal in a professor's wardrobe they find out that they have to fight the final battle against the queen and become the rulers of this newly discovered land. Peter is the oldest of the 4 siblings and leads the team. He is very stubborn and can have a bad temper at times. The oldest girl Susan is the logical one of the 4. She can also be stubborn at times. Edmund is a round…

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  • Character Criticism Of Huckleberry Finn

    Without contest, Mark Twain wrote one of the greatest American novels with The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The story chronicles the adventures of two characters, Huck and his runaway slave companion Jim. Even though readers praised the book, it has brought forth many criticisms. One critic, Chadwick Hansen, claims that by the end of the novel. Jim becomes a static, unchanging character. He states, “This Jim [in the final chapters] has lost all his dignity and become a subhuman creature who…

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  • The Importance Of Hero's Journey In The Alchemist

    back home. This cycle is called the Hero’s Journey, an eleven step outline to become a hero of any story. In the book, “The Alchemist” Santiago, the main character, does go through the stages of a Hero’s Journey. The first step in the Hero’s Journey is the Call to Adventure (Dulong). This is when the hero is introduced the possibility of a journey. In the land of Andalusia, Santiago is a content shepherd with a quiet and peaceful life. Puzzled by a recurring dream, he seeks the advice of a Gypsy…

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