The Adventures of Pinocchio

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  • Carlo Collodi's Adaptation Of Pinocchio

    To most audiences the story of Pinocchio is a lighthearted one, filled with the adventures of a jovial puppet and his cricket conscience with the occasional unnerving scene. Yet this is not the dark and death defying tale that author Carlo Collodi originally wrote in his 1883 novel. As is the case with many Disney adaptations, the original story of Pinocchio has been erased from the public consciousness and replaced by that of the adaption. This erasure is due to the quality of the film and its impact on popular culture. In addition, modern adaptations employ the modifications made by the 1940 film while eschewing the darker aspects of the original novel. Furthermore, the sheer cultural and economic power of its creator company, the “Disney…

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  • 1940 Film Pinocchio: The Walt Disney World

    The Walt Disney Company Have you ever made a wish upon a star? If you have, that may be a result of Walt Disney’s 1940 film, Pinocchio, which first introduced the idea of a world full of fantasy through wishing (Fanning 80). Disney’s new world was not easily created nor successful the first few tries, but with arduous work and dedication his goals came true. Seventy- four years later, the dreams and wishes are still being kept alive through movies, attraction parks, many types of merchandise…

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  • A Christmas Carol Film Analysis

    which Dickens was born, unlike our world was deprived of visual material. Dickens was inspired by ‘the realistic satires of William Hogarth’,‘the grotesque caricatures of Thomas Rowlandson and James Gillray’ and ‘the illustrations for nursery tales and adult fiction’. Cohen also suggests that just as the prints by Hogarth and his heirs were meant to be ‘read’, Dickens’s prose was meant to be visualised. Major Disney Characters featuring in “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” Michael Theodore Mouse:…

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  • Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs: A Brief Story Of Walt Disney World

    Amphibian 's Wild Ride, Snow White 's Adventures, Space Station X-1, and Stage Coach drew innumerable amounts of kids and their guardians. Special occasions and the ceaseless working of new attractions urged people to visit many more times. Disneyland was such a success that Walt Disney decided to make it even more widespread. In 1965, work started on a significantly greater Disney amusement park and resort close to Orlando, Florida. All through the 1960s, Disney kept on working with his staff…

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  • Consensual Control And Development Of Walt Disney

    adults’ imagination and love of fantasy. This idea was put on hold through the Second World War, but eventually came to life on July 17th 1955, and would be known as Disneyland. This was one of Walt Disney’s most magical and personal projects, but it was conceived during an ambiguous and puzzling time of the American history. While some scholars believe that the amusement park is a place allowing individual choice and personal transformation through one’s imagination, others opted for a more…

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  • Disney Amusement

    declare bankruptcy. Disney and his brother, Roy, did not lose faith in their dream to be successful. They pooled their money and moved to Hollywood. And there the three began the Disney Brothers ' Studio. Walt developed a character called Mickey Mouse. The first animated shorts featuring Mickey were silent films that were called Plane Crazy and The Galloping ' Gaucho, both failed to find distribution. When sound made its way into film, Disney created a third, sound-and-music-equipped short…

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  • How Did Walt Disney Change The World

    it was a huge hit (“Disney, Walt”). It should not have been that surprising, considering his past successes, but it still surprised many. He followed this movie with many more. Disney did not just stop at Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He followed the successful movie with others. Some included, Pinocchio which was created in 1940 along with Fantasia. Dumbo was made in 1941 and Bambi was in 1942 (“Disney, Walt”). Today there are many other movies. Some of the most recent, popular movies are…

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