The Accidental Tourist

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  • Analysis Of The Accidental Tourist

    How does an individual adapt to change? How does adapting to this change affect his relationships, his perspective, or his life in general? These are questions that are answered thoroughly in The Accidental Tourist, as they are relevant to the text thematically. In the novel, the focus is placed primarily on protagonist Macon Leary; special attention is given to his adjustment to the loss of his son and an impending divorce from his wife, Sarah. Through this focus on Macon’s changes in life, the themes of loss, the disillusionment of life, and the process of changing over time are explored thoroughly within the text. To better understand these themes and the text as a whole, it is beneficial to look at The Accidental Tourist through multiple…

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  • The Accidental Tourist Analysis

    The Accidental Tourist is a novel written by Anne Taylor originally published in 1985. She has thirteen novels published so far, and over fifty short stories written. The Accidental Tourist introduces us to main protagonist, Macon Leary, and the life changes he goes through after a “divorce”. Macon is married to Sarah for about twenty years, until she decides to end the relationship and separate. However, the divorce papers are not signed, so it was more of a mini separation. In the beginning of…

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  • Accidental Tourist Character Analysis

    In The Accidental Tourist, Anne Tyler describes the life of a man named Macon, and different occurrences that completely transform him. From the start of the novel, the reader learns about Macon’s dark past and the subsequent negative and positive repercussions that resound throughout his life. Tyler then displays how these changes have impacted his life in an unpredictable yet entirely positive way. For instance, only a few years before the book begins, Macon’s son had been killed while he was…

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  • Symbolism In Anne Tyler's The Accidental Tourist Macon

    On page 226 of Anne Tyler’s The Accidental Tourist Macon is faced with the destruction of his home. The descriptive analysis used to portray the pipe burst that floods Macon’s home exposes the atmosphere not just in the house, but also in Macon. Before Tyler even begins describing the scene the demeanor is already implied by the weather. This part of the novel takes place in the dead of winter just after a snowstorm. Winter is usually associated with the cold and that piercing wind chill that…

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  • Importance Of Tourist Attraction

    The purpose of this essay is for evaluating regardless of whether the visitor attractions a good tourist attraction. It will begin by defining classification or the background of Mapu ‘a Vaea blowholes, typologies and also the roles of all the factors that contribute to the success of the chosen attraction. These types of factors are the organisation and its resources, the product, market and the management of the attraction and the importance of the local community that helps to enhance the…

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  • Film Tourism Case Study

    the tourist in their choice of a destination, besides marketing means and their previous experiences. To address the problem I will be conducting a qualitative research method such FGD, interview and survey. Results pointed that movies motivate passive tourist after watching any destinations or activities. It is suggested that placing destinations as a product into the movies helps destinations to create a positive image, to be placed as differentiated through the competitors…

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  • The Importance Of Ecotourism In The Marine Tourism Industry

    “zoning” by the park management team and the limited advertisement on only certain designated “sites” in the park, 7% of the total area of the park accounted for over 85% of the human visitation. In another words, the management team had effectively controlled the flow of the tourists. In fact, the marine tourism industry…

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  • Babel Film Analysis: The Interpretation Of Babel

    The tourists who come here speak no Arabic, and the Moroccan people speak no English. An example that proves this statement is when the American tourists is brought for help to the village. Anwar is the only person in the village who speaks English, and can interpret between the two languages. Therefore, he becomes a sort of hero in the film. Next up is Mexico, laying somewhere between the developed and developing worlds. Here, unlike Morocco, the villagers have enough money for a decent…

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  • Coral Reef Ecology Activity

    Activity (#3) Tourists scenario: Tourists bring business to many of the countries that are surrounded by coral reefs, but the damage they do is putting the future of both tourism and the coral reef in jeopardy. Most people do not realize how fragile the reef is and carelessly destroy it without thinking, as ecologists have discovered patches of dead coral in the shape of diver's footprints. Boat anchors can break off a quarter century of growth in an instant, and if allowed to drag, can leave a…

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  • Amusing The Million Summary

    industrialized, people began to look beyond the recreational parks within the cities, Coney Island was such a place. Coney Island began as a hotel named Coney Island House in 1829, and grew into a major tourist attraction. With tourism being so profitable, the hotel began to grow and became a resort. With its astonishing success, competitors began to come to the island, and pretty soon the island was full of hotels and resorts. A few of these hotels and resorts were the West Brighton, The…

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