The Addams Family

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  • Lizzie Borden Took An Ax Analysis

    switching between innocent wide eyes to shifty worried glances. “Those eyes, and that heart-shaped face, do allow Ricci to transition from demure to frightened to completely crazy with alarming alacrity” (McNamara). For anyone that is familiar with Ricci’s past works, she has stared in multiple supernatural films where her meek appearance has aided in the ambiguousness of her character. For instance, Ricci appeared in Sleepy Hollow as Katrina, whose innocence in the murders occurring in Sleepy Hollow is questionable up until the ending when she is proven innocent. While Ricci can play meek and innocent well, she also has past experience playing darker roles. One of Ricci’s most notable dark roles was that of Wednesday Addams, in both The Addams Family and Addams Family Values, who has strong homicidal tendencies. Ricci’s past roles lend a hand in to how the audience perceives her as Lizzie Borden. “…it seems every other character she’s portrayed could also have been a 19th-century axe murderer” (Borden). Her ability to act in a way that makes the audience question her intentions is a big part of what creates tension throughout the film as the audience deliberates on her innocence. As for Christina Ricci’s opinion, when asked if she believed the real Lizzie Borden to be guilty of murdering her parents, she answered with a confident “yeah” (Miller). In this same interview with Miller, Ricci explained her position by pointing out that she got away with it because during the…

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  • Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic Analysis

    “[It is] tempting to suggest, in [recollection], that our family was a sham. That our house was not a real home at all but the simulacrum of one, a museum. Yet we really were a family, and we really did live in those period rooms.” (Bechdel 17) These words of Alison Bechdel perfectly describe her family. Bechdel may not be widely recognized, however she did introduce the uniqueness of her book to the world as a tragicomic. As the writer and artist of this tragicomic, she only shows what she…

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  • Jane Addams And Ethical Leadership

    Jane Addams took her talents and desire to help on a greater scale after a trip to Toynbee Hall in London with a friend, Ellen Gates Starr, the future co-founder of the Hull House. The inspiration they felt at this home for the poor was enough to be carried back with them and put to use. Her personal hardships were overcome, and for the greater good of the people, she pushed through and made their idea a reality, knowing that a large portion of the population would greatly benefit from their…

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  • The Progressivism Movement In The 19th Century

    problems that arise from urbanization, immigration and industrialization and some of the goals was to promote moral improvement and protect social welfare. Leaders who took part in the movement felt that the dishonesty and corruption going on threatened the reforms and changes that were needed. To solve the problems faced by mainly the lower class, Jane Addams’ “Twenty Years at Hull House” and Lincoln Steffens’ “Tweed Days in St. Louis” wrote two articles that tried to bring about poverty and…

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  • Lutheran Settlement House Business Analysis

    individuals, families, and communities to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through an integrated program of social, educational, and advocacy services” has not ("History | Lutheran Settlement House | Empowering Children, Adults, Families, and Communities Since 1902," n.d.). Today, Lutheran Settlement House offers programs such as senior services, CARES, bilingual domestic violence program (BDVP), homeless services, health and nutrition, and community education and employment ("Programs |…

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  • The Impact Of The Settlement House Movement

    Before and during the settlement house movement, conditions in the city slums were horrific. Sanitation was deplorable, most waste, human and otherwise, was thrown into the street and people lived in tenement houses where if one was lucky, their family got an entire room. People’s working conditions were not much better, they worked with heavy machinery in factories from dawn till dusk, averaging 14 hour days throughout the year and still didn’t make enough to properly support their family.…

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  • Social And Political Problems During The Progressive Era

    Although America was undergoing through a high point in history, there was a large downfall not only economically but, also socially and politically. The Progressive Era consisted of several problems that affected America as a whole later on but, it taught the government how to function on it’s own instead of depending on big businesses. Throughout the Progressive Era problems were presented that were composed of the lack of space for housing, poor working conditions and the inability to fulfill…

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  • Enheduanna In Ancient Sumeria

    husband. She was born into a royal family, and largely persecuted for her revolutionary views, however she is still widely known today as a Bhakti saint. Unfortunately, few of her poems survive today. Ada Lovelace (1842-1843): Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician who is considered to be the world’s first computer programmer. Her father was the renowned poet and author Lord Byron, however, Lovelace never knew him personally. As a child, her mother engaged her in a rigorous course of…

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  • Laura Jane Addams: The American Dream

    Throughout the world multitudes of individuals from different races, cultures, and backgrounds, strive to reach America for a dream, the American Dream. When striving to reach the American Dream countless immigrants sacrifice their lives, homes, and family, leaving everything behind in hopes of a better life, never imagining that in America it would also be grueling. Laura Jane Addams as a young child was given the entitlement of having nice clothes, food, a shelter, but most importantly a…

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  • Essay On The Progressive Movement

    were becoming more educated and were often employed during this time, improving their life chances and offering them more social status to make these declarations. Most women were part of volunteer organizations such as knitting clubs, church groups, or a book club. These events gave the women a place to announce their ideas and beliefs; as well as allowing them a place to organize. One of the most important female figures during progressivism was Jane Addams, the founder of the Hull House in…

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