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  • Poverty Adolescents

    Observations show that poverty adolescents ranging from the age of five months to four years have slower brain growth due to the lack of nutrition (Lipina, Colombo 80). Cognitive function processes in poverty adolescents usually do not function correctly due to the lack of nutrition (Lipina, Colombo 81). The observed adolescents went into an MRI screening; the adolescents from a low-income family had lower volumes of gray matter than the adolescents with high-income families (Lipina, Colombo 82). Sebastián J. Lipina and Jorge A. Colombo states, “that at birth, all adolescents have the same amount of gray matter, but by toddlerhood the gray matter in the lower-income adolescents would already be less than the higher-income adolescents” (82). The brain is the second most important organ in the body, if the brain is not functioning right then the body will misinterpret what the brain is trying to say (Hanson 2). Poor adolescents need more time to learn and comprehend numbers or words, which means they need more time to learn how to read and write. Not being able to control behavior or the brain is a scary thought, but poor adolescents have to deal with that daily. People do not understand how hard poor adolescents’ lives are because they suffer from these effects…

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  • Adolescent Language

    features of adolescent language and the subsequent attitudes towards them, mainly from the realm of adulthood. Adolescent language appears to experience the most change compared to the language use of either younger children or older speakers, and this is likely due to the idea that around the time of puberty, individuals undergo a large and impactful social change, as their environments, attitudes and stimuli change. As a result, teen language comes to be linked to social change and is used by…

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  • The Role Of Perfectionism In Adolescents

    Introduction Perfectionism in adolescents has become a concern for many adults and school professionals working with adolescents. Learning how to work with adolescents who inherit some perfectionistic characteristics begins with how one describes perfectionism. Counseling students with perfectionism can become increasingly difficult if we are unable to understand the path from which perfectionism comes. Is this perfectionism innate and personally driven or is it driven by outside forces…

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  • Adolescent Sexting

    Sexting, a word growing popular as the new generation rises. The word ‘sexting’ is abbreviated from sexual text message. Sexting can be defined as sending or receiving messages with explicit content (pictures or So why do people send explicit pictures? Is it because of the media displaying more sexualized ideas in music videos and films and celebrity modeling? What are the effects of sexting on adolescents when exposed to sexual messages at a younger adolescent age verses an older adolescent…

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  • Gender Issues In Adolescents

    Introduction Gender has been defined as the characteristics of women and men that happen to be socially constructed for purposes of giving them a real identity of who they are. Gender identifies people as either men or women (Daly, et al., 2002). Again, gender plays a significant role in the way that adolescents suffering from mental health issues are handled. In most cases gender happens to play an important role in the way that rehabilitation is applied in solving mental health issues in…

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  • Optimistic Bias In Adolescent Smoking

    Arnett, J. J. (2000). Optimistic bias in adolescent and adult smokers and nonsmokers. Addictive Behaviors, 25(4), 625-632. There have been several researches detailing the addictive use of cigarettes and its effect on the human brain. This effect greatly impacts adults but also severely has a greater influence on adolescents and emerging adults. Many individuals are found every year to die from the atrocities of smoking addictions but this fact does not attain the youth to the point of the…

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  • Causes Of Adolescent Homelessness

    Adolescent Homelessness As of today our adolescent homelessness is becoming a major problem in the United States. I am going to talk about the causes, the consequences, and the programs that may help them off the streets. So, why do these adolescents become homeless in the first place? Well the meaning of homelessness is a person or individual without a permanent home who may live on the streets, stay in a shelter, mission, single room occupancy facilities, abandoned house or a vehicle or…

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  • Summary: The Effects Of Alcohol On Adolescents

    The average adolescent is exposed to alcohol by their teenage years, which is typically by their 18’s and 20’s close to the legal drinking age limit which is 21 so not much effect is done to their development at the time. The adolescent who is exposed to alcohol at a young age starting at 13 is more likely to start drinking alcohol because they’re so exposed to it they think its okay. If their parents or friends drink then just like anything else, the adolescent will want to participate with…

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  • Summary: The Evolution Of The Adolescent Brain

    In this article the focus was on how there haven’t been many studies done on how the adolescent brain changes during puberty over the years, but that is slowly changing. The authors also talked about some of the experiments and studies that have been done already dealing with the adolescent brain. The focus of some of these studies ranged from White Matter (WM) and Gray Matter (GM) to the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC). When the authors were talking about WM and GM it was stated that throughout…

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  • Why Do Adolescents Engage In Risky Sexual Behavior

    Sex and Adolescents It is apparent that sexual intercourse and sexual behavior has become increasing popular among adolescents and teenagers. Adolescents are beginning to partake in risky sexual behavior at early ages. Teenagers are becoming more and more open to the idea of sexual intercourse and sexual behavior. Perhaps the influence of some outside force could change how early adolescents take an interest in sex. The ultimate question is how sexual behavior between adolescents is related to…

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