The Challenges Of Gender And Health Issues In Mental Health

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Introduction Gender has been defined as the characteristics of women and men that happen to be socially constructed for purposes of giving them a real identity of who they are. Gender identifies people as either men or women (Daly, et al., 2002). Again, gender plays a significant role in the way that adolescents suffering from mental health issues are handled. In most cases gender happens to play an important role in the way that rehabilitation is applied in solving mental health issues in adolescents with different gender identity (Daumit, et al., 2013). As such, this paper will look at the challenges as well as the solutions that are needed to solve these issues when applying this particular approach.
Challenges presented There are
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One of the strategies to apply is that of making sure that the people who handle the affected persons are highly trained and they are in a position to deal with after impacts of the challenges that develop (Granger, et al., 2010). In this, the trained personnel will take a center role in helping the adolescents to recover from the effects that crop up through the expertise that they have accumulated over time. Additionally, as a result of noting that males and females might respond differently to the strategies that are applied, it gets important for the involved persons to come up with a strategy that take care of the difference. To deal with this challenge, it is important to develop different strategies for both genders for purposes of making them uniform in the recovery period (Van Grinsven, et al., 2010). Through this, the involved people will be taking almost the same time to heal completely and this will be very important in solving the issue of time difference in the way that individuals respond to the applied strategies (Mueser, et al., …show more content…
This can be effective if the practitioners involved could develop different rehabilitation programs that will be effective for all people regardless of the gender alignment (Waterschoot, et al., 2014). Again, it will be effective to create a gender awareness campaigns in the facilities where the services are offered. Developing a curriculum that covers all the involved patients will also be effective in addressing the identified issues.
To conclude, it is very evident that there are a number of issues that arise on applying different strategies in solving mental health issues that are experienced by the youth in the society. It is thus important to develop effective strategies that will make sure that the challenges identified are solved and their impact is minimized significantly. This paper has thus addressed different issues as well as the strategies that can be applied to reduce the impact of the applied

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