Poverty Adolescents

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Imagine living in a place where almost every minute of every day, you are hungry, inadequately clothed, or at risk of death because you are living in poverty. Now, imagine that you are waking up and the biggest problem of your day is choosing which outfit will go with which shoes. Many wealthy people around the world are unaware of how immense an issue poverty is and are sometimes hesitant to believe how high the poverty scale has risen. Without the middle and upper classes understanding how much poverty has become an issue, families living below the poverty level will be at a disadvantage and will not be adequately helped. This paper argues that private donations would help eliminate child poverty which affects child growth, brain development, …show more content…
Observations show that poverty adolescents ranging from the age of five months to four years have slower brain growth due to the lack of nutrition (Lipina, Colombo 80). Cognitive function processes in poverty adolescents usually do not function correctly due to the lack of nutrition (Lipina, Colombo 81). The observed adolescents went into an MRI screening; the adolescents from a low-income family had lower volumes of gray matter than the adolescents with high-income families (Lipina, Colombo 82). Sebastián J. Lipina and Jorge A. Colombo states, “that at birth, all adolescents have the same amount of gray matter, but by toddlerhood the gray matter in the lower-income adolescents would already be less than the higher-income adolescents” (82). The brain is the second most important organ in the body, if the brain is not functioning right then the body will misinterpret what the brain is trying to say (Hanson 2). Poor adolescents need more time to learn and comprehend numbers or words, which means they need more time to learn how to read and write. Not being able to control behavior or the brain is a scary thought, but poor adolescents have to deal with that daily. People do not understand how hard poor adolescents’ lives are because they suffer from these effects

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