The 39 Steps

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  • 39 Steps Analysis

    The Camden County Drama Club production, of “39 Steps” took place in 1930s Great Britain. The play follows Richard Hannay throughout the play as he seeks to clear his name, upon being accused for the murder of a young spy named Annabella. During the 2 hour play, there were over 15 characters, all of which were portrayed by a total of 4 actors. The play took on an interesting twist with Clown 1 and Clown 2(Cole) in particular, as they portrayed over 5 characters each. The uproar brought to the stage by the crisp English accents of the clowns’ many characters, truly provided the emphasis needed to bring the audience into the time period. Through the combination of verbal characterization and a devoted cast, the thrill seeking audience was surely…

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  • The 39 Steps Analysis

    In Livermore High School’s rendition of “The 39 Steps,” originally an Alfred Hitchcock movie turned theatrical production in 2005, the lively actors successfully bring to life a comedic twist on the classic Hitchcock style. “The 39 Steps” is riddled with clever references to famous Hitchcock films, making the rendition very playful. The theatrical play of “The 39 Steps” differs mostly from the movie because, unlike every Hitchcock film, it does not take itself seriously. The play is meant to be…

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  • APA Reflection Paper

    collection were used? What documents were studied? The study was completed in Mrs. Isabella’s classroom with several different reading level abilities. The exact number of students and age of students were not mentioned in the study. The students were assessed prior to using the approach and ongoing assessment was conducted throughout the study. 5. What procedures were used to actually collect the data? Every week Mrs. Isabella’s class would read a new book. On Mondays, she would complete…

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  • Work Stress Analysis

    Even when managing a stressful environment seems impossible, small steps that result in big changes are possible. The book The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook points out five steps toward managing work-place stress. These steps are: 1) “Identify how you respond to your specific work stressor,”2)”Set goals to respond more effectively to your work stressors,” 3)”Change your thinking,” 4) “When in conflict, negotiate,” and lastly “Pace and balance yourself.” These five steps will not…

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  • Hacienda Plains Case Study

    Hacienda Plains Archaeological Problem Kaitlyn Barton, Jessica Elmore, Kayla Seifert The Hacienda Plain is located on the Pacific coast of Central America. Its climate is tropical with an annual rainfall of about 90 inches, the vegetation being dense jungle. Nanosec Indians are the inhabitants of the plain and live mostly in small, scattered farming communities. The Zatopec Indians live in the Zatopec Highlands to the east of the plain. The highlands rise steeply to 3,000 feet, have an…

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  • Six Steps Of Effective Coaching Analysis

    List of updated readings: 1. The Basics: The Six Steps of Effective Coaching 2. Dealing with emotionally charged situations 3. Being an effective delegate 1. The Basics: The Six Steps of Effective Coaching The goal of the six steps of effective coaching is to understand the types of coaching needs and implement when applicable. To fulfill these coaching needs, I need to design a coaching style that fits the applicant. After applying this coaching style, I must evaluate how effective it was and…

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  • My Observation Of Children In The Classroom

    with them. One was a large textured ball and the other was a small soft basketball. She then proceeded and asked the children if they have ever played catch at home. After the children answered she asked for a volunteer to show the children how to catch a ball. She chose a five-year-old boy to come up and demonstrate how to catch. I think she chose him because even at a young age he displays great emerging athletic skills. She broke it down step by step. Step one set your feet on the ground and…

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  • Book Report Of Holes By Louis Sachar

    In the book holes, by Louis Sachar, Stanley Yelnats and his family are curse with bad because his great-great-grandfather and is sent to camp green lake for punishment, for a crime that he did not do. At this camp Stanley is forced to dig holes in the hot sun. Moving along in the story Stanley gets to know the other boys at the camp but he becomes great friends with one in particular. They become very close and they both run away from the camp. After they run away the set out to what they call…

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  • Origin Of Irish Step Dancing

    history, Irish culture has faced its fair share of tragedy, alienation and isolation from the rest of european culture. However, one facet of the culture has continued to thrive since it’s creation. Irish Step dancing, which first appeared in the 1700s, has been such a successful part of Irish culture, that it still remains at the pinnacle today, almost two hundred years after its creation. Irish culture has changed over time as the Irish survived through famine and an domineering and…

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  • Holes By Louis Sachar Summary

    The novel Holes by Louis Sachar is a comedy adventure fiction novel that tells the story of Stanley Yelnats in a third person point of view. The setting of this novel takes place in Camp Green Lake which is a juvenile detention center. Once at Camp Green Lake inmates are forced to dig holes through the day. The novel takes place in present day, but deals with a lot of flashbacks that happen through the novel. The main character in the novel is Stanley Yelnats, he is an overweight, shy,…

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