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  • Mandatory Minimum Law Essay

    argue that this not true, statistic that we will get into later have proven that this is not a deterrent to crime. Daily our prison population continues to grow soon, there will not be enough room for prisoners to go. This law has put a blanket sentence on people in specific crimes, crimes are crimes however, there are crimes committed without the intention of the crime being permitted, often people that do this heinous crime are no in their right minds when they are done. Unless…

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  • The Importance Of Being An Indicator Of First Essay

    Indicator of First Essay As everyone knows, correct grammar in making an argument, a valid reason in supporting an opinion, and great evidence in confirming a reason are all important parts of critical writing skills. These essay skills were also my key indicators in my first essay. In particular, grammar was the part on which I spent most of my time for the paper, because the ability to deliver an argument with proper grammar is my weakest point. In this class, however, my faulty reading…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay: A Career In Counseling

    Counseling is something that I always wanted to do. Many of us came to the decision of pursing a career in counseling thinking that it will be easy as when we have a conversation with our friends. I have always see myself as someone who is always there for her friends, to give any types of advice and to be there for them when they need to express themselves. Having the opportunity to act as an actual counselor gave me the opportunity to realize that this is something very different than when we…

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  • Literary Analysis Of The Taweel's The Qur Excepting God

    cannot be known. They try to prove this point by quoting the Qur 'anic verse, "None knows the ‘Taweel ' excepting God." They stop here and make the succeeding part of the verse, "And those who are well-grounded in knowledge" the beginning of a new sentence. But the exponents of the ‘Taweel ' read the verse as a whole, "None knows the ‘Taweel ' of the Qur 'an excepting God and those who are well-grounded in knowledge." They treat the phrase, "Those who are well-grounded in knowledge" as an…

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  • Difference Between Language And Cohesion

    The word text is used in linguistics to refer to any passage, spoken or written, of whatever length, that does from a unified whole. To make a coherent text, it must contain cohesive ties. A text has texture, and this is what distinguishes it from something that is not a text. (Halliday and Hassan, 1976, p.1-2). Cohesion is found on many types of discourse (Tanskanen, 2006, p.2). According to Halliday and Hassan(1976) the concept of cohesion is A semantic one; it…

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  • Meaning Of Syntactic Ambiguity

    words and clauses of a sentence, and the sentence structure underlying the word order therein. In other words, a sentence is syntactically ambiguous when a reader or listener can reasonably interpret one sentence as having more than one possible structure[6]. Examples: The duke yet lives that Henry shall depose. — Henry VI (1.4.30), by Shakespeare Amphiboly occurs frequently in poetry, sometimes owing to the alteration of the natural order of words for metrical reasons. The sentence could be…

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  • Two Six Factors In The Effectiveness Of General Deterrence

    Deterrence is a way of using punishment to threaten, discourage, or divert people from committing further crimes. There are two key categories of deterrence: general deterrence and specific deterrence. General deterrence targets potential offenders, aiming to discourage individuals from committing similar offences as past offenders. General deterrence can also be thought of as a threat to the whole public, it would occur when an individual sees the consequences of another; therefore, does not…

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  • Advantages And Limitations Of The Reinsurance Contract

    4. Limitations 4.1 Conditions to be Fulfilled One must be warned that even when an incorporation clause is being identified as a clause in the reference document, it does not inevitably follow that that clause will be incorporated into the reinsurance contract. The clause could be entirely inapplicable in the reinsurance contract. Due to this, the courts have developed rules that have to be met, so as to ensure that only appropriate and applicable terms are incorporated into reinsurance…

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  • Elements Of A Justificatory Argument

    Peer Review 1: No Name Cognition: I think that your proposition is good and definitely falls within the genre of a justificatory argument. However, I’m not sure that your argument feels like a justificatory argument. This seems to me to be like an explanatory piece overall because you don’t provide much evidence to support your proposition. You explain the background of your argument, but you don’t explain why the debate about Cleopatra’s race has relevance and why it should continue. This is…

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  • Examples Of Observation Of Ms. Perry Classroom

    Instructional Strategies and Rigor During my observation of Ms. Perry I was impressed by her use of scaffolding with the students to ensure that all students were learning, below are a few examples of how she used instructional strategies and rigor in the classroom: Ms. Perry had the students who needed additional help with their diction worksheets to review the sound/letter cards to decide which vowel rule to use for their spelling words. Ms. Perry explained the concept clearly to the…

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