Reading Conference Analysis : The Railway Children By Edith Nesbit

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Reading Conference Analysis

I conducted my reading conference with my younger brother, Seth. Seth is in the fourth grade and homeschooled with his two older sisters by my mom. While his visual/spatial abilities are strong, he struggles with reading and both written and oral communication. The book he chose to read was The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit. Once aspect of the conference that went well was Seth’s wiliness to participate. He was very willing to read and answer questions. This was due to both his personality and the pre-established relationship. Had this been a student of mine rather than a sibling, I would have had to work to make sure the student was comfortable. Seth already trusted me and knew that what I was doing, in this instance, was wanting to learn more about him as a reader and having him help me with my class. This is why I went straight into the reading conference. Looking back at the transcript, I realized that I had not given him any explanation of why we were doing what we were doing. In a more standard situation, I would have spent some time asking questions about what they had been reading and getting the student to open up rather than go right into reading. A second thing that went well was I didn’t interrupt his reading. I was nervous about this going into the conference because my natural reaction is to correct him when he is reading. In this case, I wanted to know more about his abilities, so I had to refrain from making the corrections.…

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