Tannen, Sanders, And Hughes And Interpersonal Communication

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Language, is used in order to communicate, form opinions, problem solve, and establish interpersonal relationships. Through the accounts of Tannen, Sanders, and Hughes, they discuss the significance of certain words and the many interpretations conveyed by people of different perspectives. Most of the writers centered around the pragmatic aspect of language; the intentions of spoken or written expression. Semantics of language, or the study of defining language were also used in the articles. All three of the authors expressed terms directed towards certain people, deriving negative connotations. As well as, the effects of words spoken between friendships and relationships. Thirdly, the documents were pertinent to current issues. Proclaiming, that …show more content…
Additionally, words should be used with caution and sensitivity. However, each separate article has different ways people should utilize words. Sanders advises that words should be spoken justly and honestly, in order to achieve clarity of speech. In a different perspective, Hughes invokes that a negative word, such as black, should have a change of context, to demolish the discriminating issue of being called black. Whereas, Tannen says if a negative word is uttered, it should just not be used, no matter what the circumstances are. In short, language is used in order to communicate our feelings and share our perspectives over the same situation. Specific word choice and context, also determine what type of message we are trying to recall. In a way, language is what makes us human. Moreover, words have a primitive cultural and historical meaning behind them as mentioned by Sanders, Tannen, and Hughes. As time lapses, definitions and contexts of words will continuously change. Till then, proper usage is advised by numerous observant

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