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  • Essay On Plea Bargain

    the defendant pleads guilty, the prosecutor can offer them: a lowered sentence, fewer charges, reduce the severity of the charges, etc. In order for the plea to be valid the defendant has to plea guilty in open court before a judge. “About 95 percent of all criminal convictions are the result of guilty pleas rather than trials, so prosecutors offer bargains in nearly every case”("Plea Bargain"). A plea bargain is a simple process, and there are many different reasons for people to take it.…

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  • My Struggle In Reading And Writing

    I used to think the only good way to write a sentence was to make sure it was long and full of detail, but through peer review, I learned the beauty of a simple sentence. I realized that you don’t need to write a long complex sentence to make a statement; and that a short, simple sentence can provide even more of an impact on the reader than a long sentence. I also discovered that my strength in writing essays is to ensure that I choose a subject I…

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  • The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant

    life she is enduring. She is very much discontented that she is virtually ignorant of everything but the wealth she does not possess. On the other hand, Mathilde’s husband creates a positive thought on the readers as he is content with the small and simple pleasures in his life. Through the negative role of Mathilde, the writer imposes a positive moral value that true value is ultimately dependent on perception and that extravagant live can easily deceive. In a nutshell, the utilization of…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Acquainted With The Night

    with the sentence mentioning being “acquainted with the night”, it leads the audience to visualize a peaceful yet eerily quiet night, and the persona seems to be the only one looking down “the saddest city lane” aside from the watchmen, who was contemplating and questioning the persona’s existence on the streets. Although the quiet night seems understandable I that it provides moments…

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  • The Last Night Hayasaki Analysis

    The tone and writing style shifts abruptly as the final scene begins. It is almost as if a new story begins, but it has been set up. The stylistic change is noticeable from the first sentence. Hayasaki writes, “It felt like an 80,000-pound semi-truck had parked on Will Piper’s chest” (Hayasaki). She starts out with a complex simile. This kind of literary language is unusual for more academic, expository writing. Hayasaki uses many similes and metaphors throughout this central and final scene.…

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  • The Box Man Analysis

    Through The Box Man, Ascher portrays her main point that all must be content with the inevitability of isolation. The thesis of The Box Man is revealed by the juxtaposition a man’s simple life in chosen solitude with the lives of two women attempting to avoid a solitary life. In the final paragraphs of Ascher’s essay, she reveals her main point that “this [life] is a solo voyage” (paragraph 19). She continues to explain that the only hope that can be pursued in life is being content with…

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  • Objectivism And Diction In Anthem By Ayn Rand

    revisions of Ayn Rand’s novella, Anthem, strengthen the message that collectivism is oppressive and objectivism is necessary for an individual to function. Rand’s edits of diction and sentence structure assist in developing the meaning of the novella. Ayn Rand, author of the novella Anthem, utilizes diction and sentence structure in order to develop the villainy of collectivism and the virtue of objectivism. Rand’s choice of diction in the edited novella complicates and confuses the meaning.…

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  • Acrostics Process

    connection between what was bothering me I can remember the dates of certain events. Remembering dates is not simple and requires concentration and time but works out usually on the other hand information I read and learn are easy to remember. I read a lot about history as a child and I can still remember a lot of historical events throughout huge time spans and find similar aspects simple. Taking a test I look at a question I either know the answer right away or I…

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  • VU21323: Assessment

    com 7. This course will last for 2 years 8. They run this course Melbourne CBD 9. English course EAL3 English course EAL4 Commerce course Leadership and management International trading 10. My reading goals are to read a whole book 11. 1 reading simple books 2 reading junk mails…

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  • Passive Voice In College

    Every college student must know how to write. Writing is not that simple. A lot of mistakes are often overlooked and made. Such as, using the passive voice, using weak verbs, and not having a good variety of sentences. The most crucial thing to do during the writing process is to proofread. Do not write in Passive voice. It is easy to slip into passive writing. Be aware of using: was, is being, has been, had been, will be, must be, and should have been. Passive voice is when the subject…

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