Importance Of An Allodial Title

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tried to make sense of how we currently regulate our roadways.
I first looked closer at the vehicle titles the state provides, given the fact this this was of great interest to me. What I discovered was that the titles they provide are not an Allodial titles which would constitute absolute ownership of real property but instead feudal titles. These feudal titles are exactly like the land titles granted to peasants by nobles in medieval Europe when feudalism was the dominant social system. These titles stated that, “Peasants were obliged to live on their lord 's land and give him homage, labor, and a share of the produce, notionally in exchange for military protection” ("Definition of Feudalism in English:"). The significance of this is that
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So how could someone prove ownership without a title? I actually found several ways to prove ownership, the best options were to either get an allodial title, conditionally sign a state title, form a notarized document, or to make use of our guaranteed due process. Given the fact that due process comes in court only after legal citation my primary goal became to seek out an allodial title. As it turns out vehicle manufactures create allodial titles called Manufacturer 's Certificate of Origin or MCO, this is transferred to dealerships and they are provided upon purchase of a vehicle ("Vehicle Information Services"). Unfortunately I found out getting one of these would not be possible, all thanks to a play on power by the DMV. When you buy a vehicle, the dealership sends the MCO off to the DMV so it can be registered, the only chance you would ever have at getting the MCO is if immediately upon purchase of a brand new vehicle you requested the MCO and to not register the vehicle. After the DMV does get the MCO it is as good as gone, they scan it “for their records” and shred it, I discovered this when I personally called the DMV requesting my MCO. I was informed that it would be impossible for me —or anyone else for that matter— to attain this

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