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  • How Did The Silk Roads Affect Society

    The Silk Road was a network of trading routes, involving the passing of goods to people from city to city. Between 200 BCE to 1450 CE the Silk Road had experienced important transitions that would alter societies, including major religions, the social hierarchies, and the rise and fall of empires. With these changes, some of the ideas of society stayed consistent like the desire for luxury goods by the upper class. The Silk Roads played a major role in the spread of multiple religions. The…

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  • The Silk Road In World History Chapter Summary

    The Silk Road’s ancient trade routes allowed for cultural and material trade throughout the Mediterranean to East Asia. Xinru Liu’s The Silk Road in World History exemplifies the complex exchange of commodities and ideas between different nations and peoples. Starting with the Chinese looking west and ending with the Mongol conquest. Liu’s focus gives the reader examples of specific historic events that were only able to take place because of this intricate trade network. This paper will examine…

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  • How Did The Silk Roads Influence Chinese Civilization

    merchants prospered goods through The Silk Road. The Silk Road allowed merchants to sell silk, bamboo, and gunpowder along Eurasia. These goods increased in India, Middle East and allowed Confucianism and Buddhism exchange throughout Eurasia, while the values Confucianism and Buddhism increased in India and China. (Strayer, 321). Buddhist merchants and Brahmin Monks expanded their religions to Afro-Eurasian trade routes. (Strayer, 322). Unlike the Silk Road, the Sea Roads used trading routes…

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  • How Did China Spread? What Goods Did The Silk Road Contain?

    What goods did the Silk Road contain? The Silk Road encouraged quality trades and encourage the eastern and western countries attention. To begin, China had plenty of silk, that’s the main purpose of why the Silk Road was created. Other countries saw the desire for silk because they didn’t have access to silk. There were plenty of goods that the countries spreads. Some goods and ideas that China spread across the Silk Road was, silk, iron, bronze, ceramics, orange trees, paper, gunpowder, and…

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  • Silk Road Religion

    during the 7th or 8th century. The various symbols also tell a great deal about the origins and influences of the painting. Religious imagery of a Hindu god being found so far north of India shows just how far the Silk Road’s influence stretched and implies that trade on the Silk Road was strongly connected to the spread of Hinduism and other religions in the 7th and 8th centuries.…

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  • The Mongol Moment, Black Death, And The Agricultural Revolution

    during the prehistoric era through 1500 CE. Some events and developments included the Black Death, The Mongol Moment, Silk Roads, and the Agricultural Revolution. Out of all of these the one with the most relevance for my life was the Agricultural Revolution because it increased the population and productivity; the one with the least relevance for my life was the development of Silk Roads because the United States no longer relies on them. Not only did the Black Death affect the population…

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  • Manichean Texts

    Manichean Texts of the Silk Road Tun-Huang was a major destination along the Silk Road. The caves of the thousand Buddhas contained many important manuscripts and pieces of art which have been used by historians to learn about the cultures of the Silk Road. Among these were three Manichean texts written in Chinese. These are the Hymnscroll, the Compendium of the Doctrines of Mani, and the Traité Pelliot. These are significant because they are some of the only written documents we have of the…

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  • Han Dynasty (Thasmia)

    In the Silk Roads, Chinese people traded silk with the westerners who thought of it as very valuable.Traveling back and forth from China to the West caused cultural diffusion. An example of cultural diffusion is in a piece of jewelry. It is a bracelet with lion heads found in…

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  • The Impact Of Trade On The Mediterranean Sea

    Trade has been a universal practice since the beginning of time, occurring not only among members belonging to one civilization, but between other societies as well. Trade was a way for people to have access to resources they otherwise would not be able to have. While trade across land was common, trade by water began to gain more popularity with the invention of better boats. One of the most well-known seas that had much trade occur upon it, is the Mediterranean Sea. Being able to access these…

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  • How Did Chinese Culture Influence The Tang Dynasty

    see where the similarities and differences lay. To begin, both the art in the Tang dynasty and that of modern day China were exposed to and inspired by a wide range of cultures at the time the art was created. In the case of the Tang dynasty, the Silk Road was a route used by multiple cultures to spread their accomplishments and knowledge as well as their ways and beliefs.…

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