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  • Jared Diamond's Theory Of Guns, Germs And Steel

    The main focus of this essay is; to what magnitude should source two of Jared diamond's theory of guns, germs, and steel be embraced. The second source is for Jared Diamond’s theory about guns, germs and steel. Source two acknowledges historical advantage of the development of Eurasian agriculture, which is the domestication of animals and crops. Source two is also against the idea of European domination is based on racial, intellectual, and genetic superiority, but mostly focuses on the idea…

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  • The Tang Dynasty In China

    side of China, with their capital Chang’an. The capital became the hub of the Tang Dynasty. It brought merchants, scholars, and etc from neighboring lands. At this time other influences from foreign countries were occurring, such as the Silk Road. By having the Silk Road, led to mix and spread of cultures and beliefs. The Tang spread chinese culture and kept trade with the west secure. This Buddha sculpture originates during the Tang Dynasty in China (618-907). Because of the time commitment it…

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  • Wang's Exploration Of The Evolution Of Sichuanese Cuisine

    The South China Sea Silk routes was an important point of connection for China to exchange with the rest of the world. These routes were concentrated around the South China Seas and the Indian Ocean, with starting points located in ports such as Guangzhou, Quanzhou and Ningbo…

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  • Buddhism And The Eightfold Path

    karma, the Four Noble Truths, and the Eightfold Path spread quickly, covering much of southern Asia by the 8th century CE. Buddhism’s gain of followers can be attributed to the help of the Eurasian trade networks, otherwise loosely known as the silk road(s). Likewise, over 1000 years later, Islam developed in a similar manner. In 571 CE, the prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca, and in 610 received his first revelation. His…

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  • What Were The Main Causes Of Globalization

    Over the hundreds and thousand of years of history, humans have always been trying to collaborate and create a better life for themselves. All of these factors of human life eventually led to globalization. The big question is, what is Globalization? How did Globalization happen in the first place? The main causes of globalization were trade, exploration, timing, and religion. With all of these causes came effects, which were disease, conquest, global goods, and technological advancements.…

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  • How Does Trade Shape The World

    The trade routes of Indian Ocean were dominated by Jews and Eastern Muslims. Zheng leads China to naval expeditions of the Indian Ocean. (Bernstein. W, 2009) Venice rises to the strength of Mediterranean trade with the Muslim world. Asian silk and spices reached Europe only with the help of trade with Muslims. The unstable Mamluk system based on slave-soldier governed the Islam. Crusades are twisted in an effort by the Venetians to guard this trade path from European opponents and to get…

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  • What Is The Cause Of The Han Dynasty

    government into civilian, military authorities, and censorate. V. Manufacturing and Trade The early Han Dynasty was known for being of unparalleled productivity and prosperity. The cause was the expansion of trade and new technology. VI. Silk Road The Silk Road played a big role in the prosperity of the Han Dynasty. It connected…

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  • Chopsticks: The Invention Of Gunpowder

    They used a trading route called the silk road to trade many things, and one of those things was gunpowder. They explored the uses for it. They first used it to treat skin diseases and as a fumigant to kill insects. Then, they used it for fireworks to cast evil demons away and to make great shows…

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  • Society In The 1500s Essay

    the squares wanting to purchase and trade that many people did not believe there would be enough food for them. Polo’s book about his travels inspired many Europeans to go out and explore in hope of finding sources of wealth. Polo went out onto the Road of China when it opened and came back with incredible stories to share. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Europeans went by sea to find sources of wealth in Asia and Africa. They were very willing to visit and borrow ideas and technology…

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  • The Barbarians Of The Mongols

    The Mongols were a group of ferocious barbarians who traveled throughout most of Eurasia primarily interested in killing, plundering and conquering foreign lands. The Mongols started off as small ethnic groups living in villages scattered throughout China and areas of Russia. The Mongols were skilled warriors and readily invaded regions of China and Russia. Due to their strong armies, they were easily able to conquer lands that weren’t as powerful as they were. Throughout years of conquest the…

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