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  • Emperor Qianlong: Son Of Heaven, Man Of The World

    Mark C. Elliott’s work of ‘Emperor Qianlong: Son of Heaven, Man of the World’. Qianlong ruled for 64 years, increasing not only China’s population but also its territory. The cities flourished through manufactures and trades of tea, porcelain, and silk. Emperor Qianlong presided over imperial China’s last golden epoch creating the geographic and demographic framework of modern China. However, he also experiences some personal struggles in perusing his efforts in rising above the ethnic divisions…

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  • Why Some Ships Were Beneficial During Trade

    Emily Kim World History AP Chapter 15: Essential Questions 1) Ships were beneficial during trade because they were sturdy and strong enough to endure the heavy winds and waves. Trade via ships increased because with the use of ships, goods and people were able to moved quicker and cheaper than any other overland travel. 2) The trading system that developed around the Indian Ocean was considered successful because through this trade system, many people and different states were able to fulfill…

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  • Comparing Two Empires

    Middle East, China, and Africa were great civilizations during their time, having some differences and similarities within their empires. This time period had many civilizations that came to life, but few managed to stay afloat which is what these civilizations managed to do. They all had many great achievements that throughout time others have built upon. These three civilizations created a path for others to follow or to break from. They all helped open a gateway for many new and great…

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  • Virgin And Child Enthroned And The Crucifixion Analysis

    On the Silk Road there were many items, traditions, religions, techniques and much more were being traded from West to East, vice versa. Jerusalem is a city of the Silk Road because it is located in the middle of the East and West. Many people might traveled from Europe to China for the variety of raw materials, such as silk. Therefore, Jerusalem can be the city with many different beliefs, cultures and products. For example, Virgin and Child Enthroned and the Crucifixion painting, and the wool…

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  • Chi Ling Zi: The Goddess Of The Silk

    Silk, an important textile that changes the world through its trade in ancient times. Because of the attraction of its profits, it inspired people to journey through unknown lands, which played an important role in the diffusion of culture, religion, technology, and societies among civilizations. Historically, China guarded its secrets of processing silk (sericulture) that was controlled by Chinese authorities. But around 550 AD the secrets of China methods for domesticating wild silk were…

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  • Trade Routes In The Ancient World Essay

    which trade routes were an essential part of globalization in the ancient world, thus including routes such as The Silk Road, The Grand Trunk Road, as well as Incense Road. There are many roads and paths discussed in ancient writings. These are used to not only move goods and products, but also to spread religions, messages, and ways of life. One main road is the Silk Road. The Silk road expands between around five empires; those ranging from The Roman Empire, Parthian Empire, Kushan Empire,…

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  • Summary Of Women's Work By Elizabeth Wayland Barber

    Taking a Look Into the Past, Understanding it Now American author Elizabeth Wayland Barber, who is an expert on textiles, wrote the book Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years: Women, Cloth, and Society in Early Times in 1994, which takes the reader into the world as it was many years ago. In doing so, it enlightens one on how and why the women created textiles and eventually advanced and created other things. Today people know the clothes worn were made and the blankets used were created, but do…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Plants

    The Benefits of plants is that it is an overall a more efficient way to process. There are a significant higher number of nutrients, yields, and stress tolerance; in turn developing a higher immunity to disease, pests, and herbicides. In animals, it produces a higher immunity, larger amount and greater thickness, resulting in better and more quantity of meat, eggs, and milk. Over time, this had led to better animal health and more diagnostic methods. The main controversies involve safety,…

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  • Reflective Essay On Bicycle Riders

    I interviewed two (2) Broward County residents who are active bicycle riders. Their thoughts regarding Broward County’s sustainable transportation options to include transportation for bicycle riders follows; • Personal communication from Mr. Dan Braun who is a cyclist and user of Broward County parks: “Broward County parks are a great place to cycle. Sometimes it is a challenge as joggers, runners and walkers share the same sidewalk as the cyclists. Cycling is a good exercise for me and is a…

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  • Importance Of Road Safety In Thailand

    have to travel by road as the main route inevitably. Since people have to take the road on a regular basis, they deserve to be safe in using the road. In Thailand, there are about around 5 million people use vehicles on the road which is quite a lot ever. Moreover, in Thailand, every hour an accident on the road killed 1 million people in the country 70 million people which this loss ratio can indicate road safety. Because of Thailand, people have a lot of vehicles on the road. So, vehicles are…

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