Observation In College Preparation

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Observation 3
Often, a college preparation process can mean acquiring many material things. Generally, how you go about preparing depends on whether a student plan to attend a technical school, community college or a four year university. The supplies needed may change depending on what higher education institution one pursues. When leaving for college, students want any and everything that they can get for their dorm or apartment. Most students don’t look at what is a needed, but more about the comforts of their living space. First, the list of the electronics include, a computer/laptop, printer, an alarm clock, cell phone and a surge protector. These items are not necessary for school, but more of a want. The students can utilize the school library for all of their electronics. However, if the student had their own, then they don’t have to share or go to the library to complete assignments. Also, a cell phone is more of a convenient than a need because all public buildings have phones. The alarm clock may seem more like a need, but we can train our own internal
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Since, we are a culture where clothes are required, then it becomes a matter of exactly how pieces of clothing is really needed. Also, we are a society which actively participates in the culture of consumerism, but we buy more things than we truly need. If you look back in history, underwear didn’t even exist as we know it today. The fashion industry helps to feed our obsession for buying an outrageous amount of clothing and accessory items. Since, I was raised to look a certain way when I dress to leave home, it is a hard decision to decide what I truly need. Yes, I realize that I only need one pair of underwear, a bra, pants, blouse, socks and shoes. However, once again having more than that is a convenience, because it would keep me from having to wash clothes every day or every other

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