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  • If By Rudyard Kipling Analysis

    Title By examining moral courage in two different story plots we learn that our principles may be challenged at some point in our lives but the charter within you determines how you overcome those obstacles among you. By examining moral courage in literature we learn that moral courage only exist in a person who is willing to endure hardships for the sake of their principles. In the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling there is a father who is talking to his son, giving him advice and guidance about…

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  • The Importance Of Names In The Road By Cormac Mccarthy

    In the novel, The Road, Cormac McCarthy tracks the journey of a man and boy through an unknown wasteland to an undisclosed destination. It is evident that there has been a catastrophic disaster that has obliterated the land, as skeletons and corpses line the road they travel together. There is a foreboding sense of resignation and an absence of time and place. The reader never really knows where the man and boy are going; although, it is evident, that their journey is horrific. Along the way, we…

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  • Traffic Congestion Speech

    individuals have found it more convenient to purchase their own vehicle rather than spend hundreds of hours a month commuting to home and work. Traffic congestion occurs when a volume of traffic generates demand for space greater than the available road capacity; this point is commonly termed saturation. This increased number of cars on the roadway has help to give rise to the congestion problem. The escalation numbers of vehicles and inadequate infrastructure cause extreme traffic congestion…

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  • Character Analysis: The Woman On Wendover Road

    The Woman on Wendover Road - Draft It was a foggy October night, and Martin O’Neil was driving back from work to his new home in the countryside. Fully focused on his driving, and straining his eyes to see the street names in the darkness, Martin was startled a loud ringing noise. I glanced at my phone that I had previously thrown onto the passenger seat of my car, curious to see who was calling me so late in the night. I was quite surprised to see my beloved wife’s name on the caller ID, as…

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  • My Journey In Bruce Lee's 'Epic Of Gilgamesh'

    not be able to accomplish what is expected of them. The most common Campbell stage in real life has to be the road of trials. Everyone goes through the road of trial. How can I prove it? Your personality changes through time. I believe the road of trials doesn 't end until we are unable to accomplish something or until we have accomplished everything we wanted to accomplish, but the road of trials that makes the biggest change in our lives is going through…

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  • Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

    “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, recognizes the theme of making choices. In the poem, the speaker comes across a fork in the road when walking in the woods on an autumn day. Presented before him are two alternatives, with one option reasonably obvious and the other more subtle. He anticipates that one path has been traveled on more often than the other; however both paths are equally untraveled. While the speaker desires to follow both routes, he can only choose one, thus he arbitrarily…

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  • Nelsonville Bypass Project Case Study

    The field of engineering impacts our society in many, many ways. There are the most obvious impacts, technological and technical improvements (means of transportation, electronics, resource distributions services, et cetera), but there are impacts that may be somewhat vague, such as global and societal impacts. Both impacts must be weighted equally by the modern, citizen engineer. As an engineering student in southeast Ohio, one of the more recent and relevant examples of engineering impacting a…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Long Road

    Forever and ever the road seemed to stretch, as though it was designed with no end in mind — as though it was designed to go on forever. This would not have been all that bad had it not been for the fact that I was treading in territory somewhere deep in the heart of Mission, Texas, a city entirely unfamiliar to me. I was surrounded by an unknown frontier, and I knew not which way led home. To make matters a little worse, I had my younger brother, Diego, age 14, in the passenger seat beside me.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Quito, Ecuador

    A giant rockslide had blocked half of the mountain road. People were trying to clear it enough to let cars through but it was taking a very long time. This was the first sign that the trip was not going to go very smoothly. The second sign showed itself a little later. We had gotten out of the traffic and were continuing up the mountain. As we were going around a curve, my mom and I noticed multiple blue hearts painted on the road. Confused, my mother asked my abuelo what they were. He told…

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  • Hope In The Road By Cormac Mccarthy

    In the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy one question seems to appear in just about everyone’s life. One of life and death. Some say yes, some say no, and some do not know. But, this question if it is worth living constantly pops up throughout the book. McCarthy first presents this question through the mother of the boy in a flashback. This is where she decides to kill herself after giving birth. This triggers the man to thus be questioning life in this new post-apocalyptic world. The man…

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