Seljuk Turks Essay

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Turks moved from Central Asia to Middle West in the eleventh CE century. One of the tribes called the Seljuk Turks, occupied Persia and then moved west slowly. Battle of Manzikert in 1071 CE is where the Seljuk Turks met Byzantine emperor and his army. The Byzantine emperor was killed, and army was destroyed. After taken over Byzantine the Seljuk Turks moved into Anatolia. Moving south again the were able to occupy the Holy Land. Religion played a role in the origins of the Crusades or Holy War. Pope Urban II called a meeting to deal with the religious issues, to free the Holy Land from the Turks. He has formed an army and head to Jerusalem, to have a Crusade. Anyone killed on this quest would go directly to heaven. Some of the first responders were Peter the Hermit and Walter the Penniless, whose …show more content…
The Umayyads were Sunni Muslims. They favorite the Arab Muslim to the non-muslim such as the Turks and Africans. Under the Umayyad Dynasty they tolerated the “People of the Book” but imposed tax. Umayyads citizen believed that Ali and his descendants, would be the religious leaders. Ali descendants would be hidden by god and return when there are five to return the piece. The political structure of the Umayyad, leader was handed out from family member to member. They also setup, administration offices such as the Department of War, post offices and collected taxes. After conquering a territory, they would leave the previous leaders in place to govern it. Abbasid believed in the Sunni Muslim, but worded with the Shia Muslim to overthrow the Umayyad Dynasty. They did not discriminate as harshly of the non-muslim as in the Umayyad. Prophet’s family gave them religious legitimacy. The rules titles were based on the relationship to God, such as God of Caliph and Shadow of the God. After conquering a territory they would send a Caliph to run

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