Analysis Of Destiny Disrupted By Tamim Ansary

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The “Muslim World” is a region, rocked by conflict, with a complex history. The boundaries of said Muslim World are ambiguously defined and it is shrouded in numerous preconceived notions by different cultures. Destiny Disrupted by Tamim Ansary is account of the Islamic World through Islamic eyes. Ansary takes the reader through the progression of Islam which is a faith that has both spiritual and political aspects. Although Ansary focuses mainly on the political progression of the Muslim state, he gives adequate attention to the fundamental societal and cultural changes that shaped Islamic Civilization. Tamim Ansary, born in Afghanistan and currently residing in San Francisco, offers an important insight for the western world. Living in the west, specifically America, one often gets the impression, and material is presented in a way, that history is a chronological timeline of events that led to the creation of America. Destiny Disrupted creates a remarkable shift in how we view historical events. Instead of a linear timeline, history is a complex matrix of interwoven events all occurring on an arc.
Due to the sheer volume of events that have occurred during the 1438 years of what has been defined as Islamic History, Ansary had to choose what he
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In order to understand the diverging factions that emerge later during Islamic history, one has to understand the diversity of thought during the Golden Age. As mentioned earlier, increased stability allowed scholars to dive into their thoughts and Islamic philosophers, scholars and Sufi’s started to expand on the ambiguous sections of Islamic Theology. Coupled with the anxiety of a changing world this had a profound effect on Islamic Civilization. Longing for stability brought about traditional patterns of society. For the Muslim world, it meant patriarchal and other familiar Arab and Byzantine

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