Silk Road

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  • Colonialism And The Impact Of Industrialization In Southeast Asia

    Southeast Asia was a vibrant region even before the arrival of Western influences. Its inhabitants had a healthy existence based mostly on trade relations with other established civilizations such as China, India, and other merchants that travel the straits. Even after the arrival of the Western states, influences were centered more on maintaining the exchange of resources from Southeast Asian countries to their mother states. Meanwhile, the race for territorial expansion by the West was a…

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  • Floating Plant Hydroponics

    Hydroponic culture has been around for centuries. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Floating Gardens of China are two of the earliest hydroponics systems. Another example is the floating gardens of the Aztecs. When the Europeans came to the Americas, they were shocked to see trees floating in the middle of a lake. The Aztecs had found a way to create floating beds that could support the trees and suspend the roots in the water. The famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon are thought to have used…

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  • Compare And Contrast Marco Polo And Ibn Battuta

    Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta are two very famous explores who are known for traveling great distances during a time when such a thing was unheard of, and who kept detailed logs of their journeys. Ibn Battuta’s journey was based off of his religion, and his desire to visit all of the major religious sites and meet important religious leaders. He traveled a total of 75,000 miles over the course of 29 years. Marco Polo was an Italian traveler who claims to have met and become close to Kublai Khan,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Tang And Song Dynasties

    The Tang and Song dynasties in China often referred to as the Golden Age, experienced economic, cultural, and artistic success. Associated with progress and prosperity these dynasties produced some incredibly astounding pieces of art for its time. These artworks were reflections of the most dominant religions and philosophies in these dynasties. The three significant belief systems that shaped the creations of Tang and Song artists include Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism. The Tang dynasty…

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  • Rosslare Europort Analysis

    With Brexit, Rosslare should be expanded as Ireland’s closest link to the continent. This requires national integration with adequate road infrastructure focused on connecting Ireland’s manufacturing hubs to improve accessibility. Rosslare’s facilities encourage RoRo and passenger ferry services but there is potential to extend the port and establish a Load-on Load-off (LoLo) presence…

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  • Silver Economy Dbq

    then used to their advantage in the silver-seeking country of China. Because of this repeated trade, the economies of Portugal and Japan benefit greatly by receiving luxury products like porcelain and silk from China as document 3 shows. Document 6 shows the Chinese realized they could sell their silk in the Philippines for up to 3 times as much silver as it is truly worth. As a Ming court official, He Qioayuan’s purpose for writing this report to the emperor is to persuade him to repeal the ban…

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  • Ancient China Craftsmanship

    I have chosen furniture to focus on from the Ancient China as there are a lot of detailed workmanship or craftsmanship in the work from the past. Most of the items that were dug out from the ground were shaped and crafted uniquely. The material being used to make the throne for the emperor in the Qing Dynasty is wood.Traditional and detailed skill are needed to carve this chair. This attracts me as during this modern generation, many people are utilising this work from ancient China. Moreover,…

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  • Effects Of The Silver Trade

    This is because the merchants in China at that time of great global commerce would have been directly involved in the trade of Chinese goods, such as silk, with people from other nations. Since these merchants were responsible for the exchange of their merchandise for silver, they would have experienced the desire to acquire this new currency and the impact the incursion of the silver had on their business…

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  • How Did China Influence Indian Ocean Trade?

    Parthian civilizations to the West. As Chinese technology and culture advanced, greater international interactions facilitated the growth of trade. The products exported from China were very high quality specialized goods and commercial crops, like silk, porcelain, and oranges. China’s control of the trade networks directed the flow of wealth and intellectual achievement for centuries. China’s state-of-the-art goods attracted traders from across the continent. This paper will examine why China…

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  • What Is The Impact Of Imperialism

    History of Colonialism Europeans have always wanted to trade with India due to its many useful resources. For example, its spices, jewels, and herbs which were sought after by numerous Europeans. The British were the most successful at gaining a foothold in the country among the Europeans. They even managed to colonize major aspects of India’s society and impact it for the better. Britain’s influence in India makes it a major part of their history. Britain’s relationship with India started…

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