Splendid Exchange Analysis

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A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shape the World
The total amount of export and imports takes place across national borders in the world is amazing. According to International Monetary Fund, above $20 trillions of total goods and services will be exchanged each year in times to come. In 2008, United States alone have imported and exported over $4.5 trillion of goods and services. The US have traded virtually to every country in the world. It is true that Americans have imported chocolate from Belgium, wine from France, diamonds from Botswana, jewelry from Oman, and fish from the Faroe Islands. Also, they have exported shingles to Rwanda, computer accessories to Niue and poultry products to Azerbaijan. This is the world of trade.
Bernstein, a
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The trade routes of Indian Ocean were dominated by Jews and Eastern Muslims. Zheng leads China to naval expeditions of the Indian Ocean. (Bernstein. W, 2009) Venice rises to the strength of Mediterranean trade with the Muslim world. Asian silk and spices reached Europe only with the help of trade with Muslims. The unstable Mamluk system based on slave-soldier governed the Islam. Crusades are twisted in an effort by the Venetians to guard this trade path from European opponents and to get around Muslim middlemen to use Asian goods. The black plague was encountered through trade routes from Europe and the Middle …show more content…
More than 9.5 million African slaves also arrived in the new world of trade. Most of them were sent to Brazil and Caribbean and some of them were landed in Canada and United States. The first world trading system with the help of advanced legal, political and financial system developed by Dutch. The Dutch East India Company set up new strategies for trade financing, which includes the chance for private investors to diversify their risks. The trade ventures were sold to risk takers who could buy a one-sixteenth or one-thirtieth share in various kinds of ships, so that if one of the ships was not able to make profits then other would give enough compensation. Wide-reaching trade routes were set up. Portuguese slowly but surely give way to the even added brutal Dutch in the Indian

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