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  • Sui And Tang Dynasty Essay

    merchants actually a lot of made money and trades. Merchants has its ups and downs, but their goals is the make money. When Merchants was most successful it was during the Sui & Tang dynasty was in control and Chang’an was the capital of it, and silk road having trades and shops along the way before people got into Chang’an. Merchants had been classified into certain a group in East Asia. In East Asia, there had been different types of classes that was classified social category.…

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  • Mongolian And Han Architecture

    The practicing and thinking in design came a long way, because the Silk Road was a period which the Mongolia and Han culture deeply exchanged and influenced the practicing and thinking in design; in the Yuan dynasty, although the Mongols governed the Han, its ethnic policies promoted cultural exchange and encouraged the development of the Han culture (). The concept of the Silk Road was first by Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen from Germany in 1877(). Biaomian it is a trade…

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  • Age Of Exploration Causes

    developed by the Portuguese as they began their conquest of exploration. In the 13th century, the Mongols lost control of land in central Asia that included that of the Silk Road. Without oversight by a government entity, the Silk Road began to decline, leading for the emphasis on trade to shift to maritime sea routes. The Silk Road was the main way that Europeans were able to purchase the luxury items that they desired, but as time progressed, the demand for gold, spices, and slaves only…

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  • Han Dynasty DBQ

    development and popularization of the silk road had several positive impacts on China. However, these innovations would eventually cause the fall of the Han dynasty. The Civil Service Exam is one of these innovations. The Silk Road was one of the most revolutionary innovations in all of Chinese history. The Silk Road stretched all the way from China to the Middle East (doc 4). China was known for holding the secret of silk making and China used the Silk Road to trade silk across the Middle…

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  • How Did Chinese Culture Influence The Development Of Ancient China

    Throughout the history of China, the ancient Chinese culture has had changed, ancient China had many developments over many different dynasties, which helped China become a successful society. What made ancient Chinese culture successful was trade on the Silk Road, the rise of the Han and Qin dynasty. The Han dynasty was a period of time when ancient China was in prosperity. Liu Bang (mostly formally known as Emperor Gaozu) has founded and firstly ruled during that time. The Han dynasty has had…

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  • Who Is Zhau Rugua's Quest For Knowledge?

    The worlds filled with thousands and thousands of mysteries. We as a race seek to find these mysteries and make them known to people. This yearning for knowledge of the unknown and the unexplainable is what cause the world to be brought into the era it is in. Some on their quest to knowledge have created books, articles, music, laws, and many other things that would change the world, socially and economically. This led to many explorations and discoveries beyond anyone’s imagination. The…

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  • Trans Saharan Trade Essay

    forming the Silk Road, since much of the silk that was made came from this region of the world. During the 2nd century B.C.E., the Chinese began forming trade routes that would span across various Chinese territories and then move outward through India and, eventually, into Europe. In this manner, the highly desirable silk products brought from China would inevitably open up a new form of international trade between differing inter-connecting civilizations: “This was what became known as the…

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  • Seljuk Turks Essay

    Turks moved from Central Asia to Middle West in the eleventh CE century. One of the tribes called the Seljuk Turks, occupied Persia and then moved west slowly. Battle of Manzikert in 1071 CE is where the Seljuk Turks met Byzantine emperor and his army. The Byzantine emperor was killed, and army was destroyed. After taken over Byzantine the Seljuk Turks moved into Anatolia. Moving south again the were able to occupy the Holy Land. Religion played a role in the origins of the Crusades or…

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  • Marco Polo's Influence On Sino-European Relations

    shortens the distance between China and Europe. Before him, silk, porcelain and tea had always been a strong link between China and Europe. "Marco Polo Travels" dedicated his 17-year old living…

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  • Indian Ocean Trade Dbq

    These new materials include silk, gun powder, and dye among other things. These are the three that I would like to focus on however. First I would like to discuss silk. Obviously silk was a major item in the trading world, considering it received a set of trading routes in its name. China was the first country to start producing silk and it remained the only country to do so until The Silk Road came about. Eventually, after some time, Japan learned how to produce…

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