How Did The Silk Road Affect Europe

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The impact of the Silk Road upon European and Asian civilizations was immense. Resulting in cultural diffusion on a massive scale the Silk Road provided a conduit for the migration of foreign ideals, philosophies, and religions. Along with this wealth of information came the silk and spice trades, the founding products that led to the original creation and prosperity of the Silk Road. Together these two basic principles of wealth and a lust for knowledge drove the forces that changed European and Asian civilization forever.
Coined through the observations of the German geographer Ferdinand von Richtofen, the Silk Road was a series of trade routes stretching from the Mediterranean and the empires of Western Europe to Eastern civilization
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Drawing from across the faces of Asia and Europe the Silk Road acted as a highway for anything and everything. From Russia and Tartary flowed some of the highest quality leathers and linens. Exported from Cathay were the finest silk clothes and jewelry. Embalmed with precious rubies, diamonds, and pearls the Empire created some of the most valuable merchandise to flow along the Silk Road. In terms of spice providers India was among the most famous possessing plots of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. Finally, reigning over all the others in terms of recognition was the Chinese silk trade. A closely guarded secret, the Chinese reaped profits from the west’s undying attraction to silk. Together this combination of mysterious foreign products drove trade along the Silk Road bringing fame and fortune too formerly unknown cities. (Waugh, Lecture …show more content…
Taking to the sea’s the explorers traveled along the southern coasts of Asia where they anchored at Samarkand; a major trading outpost along the Silk Road that Marco described as “a noble and great city, where there are many gardens with fruits in abundance. Muslims and Christians live side-by-side and they are religiously tolerant to each other.” Making note of the spread of Christianity one can see how it took hold in one of Asia’s most prominent market cities. Passing through Samarkand the travelers also made an appearance in Bukhara, a city esteemed for boasting items forged with the greatest craftsmanship Asia. Hitting a plethora of different cities and villages it was quite some time before Marco-Polo finally returned to Venice. Upon arrival he enlisted with the Venetian military to join the war against Genoa. Whilst on the battlefield Marco was captured and put under lock in key in a Genoan prison where he met a writer, the very man who would turn his memories into words and create the “book,” otherwise known as the “Book million about miracles of the world.” (Marco Polo – Great Silk Road). “Marco Polo revealed much to the Europeans about life in the Far East. But shortly before his death in 1324, the great traveler admitted that he didn’t even

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