Silk Road

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  • DBQ Essay: The Silk Road

    The Silk Road was not a single route but rather a network of trails. Silk road was not the only Item that was treated gold, gems, glass, ivory, stones dates, grapes, carpets, rugs were also treated. Many of the items That they treated for were a secret and they didn't know how to Make them. For example, Europe was interested in silk and porcelain (they couldn't make it) and some of the effects that the Silk Road had on culture…

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  • The Influence Of The Silk Road In China

    this period of time they mapped a route called the Silk Road. The Silk Road was created to carry the many inventions that are part of our daily lives. Many of the inventions created in china helped it to thrive and rule over many other countries efficiently. The Silk Road was a route that was used to connect Asia with Europe through trading peacefully. It was mainly used to transport silk and spices as back then China was renowned for making silk and this is what…

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  • Silk Road Case Study

    The Silk Road - named for its main export, silk – was, in fact, a series of routes that revolutionised trade in the ancient world. Established in the 2nd century BC, the road connected almost every major ancient super power (Jenkins, 2012) (Mark, 2014). This expansion of intercontinental trade and travel brought about by The Silk Road significantly impacted Asian societies. The adoption of Buddhism in China and economic growth of towns along the route exemplify such change. The Silk Road was…

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  • Life Along The Silk Road

    important result from trade routes is the expansion and transfer of religion along with it. Some of the religions benefitting from travel and passing along knowledge and stories were Buddhism, Christianity, and Islamic faith. During the time of the Silk Road, Buddhism received the most traction; it was passed through the trade routes and was practiced more often. Ahmad Ibn Fadlan was a Muslim scribe on a mission to record what happened in the lands of mostly Turkic Pastoralists with a side goal…

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  • Silk Road Research Paper

    The Silk Road is one of the most famous trade routes that have ever existed. It has done a lot more for countries than just allowing for trade between countries. The Silk Road has allowed for different cultures to travel and enter into new places where new religions, art, and culture can flourish. We will look into how the Silk Road came into existence, the trade that took place on the path, and how cultures were able to spread across new lands. First we must look into how the Silk Road was…

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  • The Importance Of The Silk Road In Portugal

    The Silk Road was an ancient trade route, which ran from China and India to the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Goods, such as Chinese silk and Indian spices, were traded along it using camels on the overland route (Newitt, 2005, pp. 2-3). Portugal, being located on the Atlantic coast, was therefore at the fringe of the Silk Road. However, Portugal managed to create a colonial empire despite being a country of marginal importance in the early Middle Ages (Disney, 2009, p. I). The Silk…

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  • Silk Road Essay

    SILK ROAD AND BEYOND Imagine a place where you can exchange ideas and goods from places such as Chinese, Persians, Somalis, Greeks, Syrians, Romans, Armenians, Indians, and Bactrians back in 114 BC –1450 AD. The Silk Road a heaven to most merchants and a dream to the most consumer.The Silk Road a network of connecting trading route that went from around China to Eastern Europe and was around ‎6,400 km in size.The Silk Road was a bunch of connecting trading Route that was Started by the Han…

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  • Silk Road Trade Dbq Essay

    transformed civilizations. The Silk Road has intentionally and unintentionally transformed civilizations. Document two states that “caravans of traders carried silk, tea, and pottery westward.... Religious practices like Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity spread from the Silk Road. In the city markets, traders from the East and West helped spread traditions, art and culture. Inventions such as gunpowder, paper, and the magnetic compass also gain popularity along the Silk Road.” This means the…

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  • Life Along The Silk Road Analysis

    In Susan Whitfield’s Life Along the Silk Road, she takes primary sources from the Dunhuang Manuscripts to create conglomerate characters, proving the inaccuracy of the popular phrase “Silk Road, ” a label for popular trading networks that stretched all the way from Rome, Africa, India, and China.In her introduction, Whitfield makes it clear to her readers of the origin of the term “Silk Road.” The first to coin this phrase was a German geographer, Baron Ferdinand von Richthofen. Many students…

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  • How Did The Silk Road Affect Europe

    The impact of the Silk Road upon European and Asian civilizations was immense. Resulting in cultural diffusion on a massive scale the Silk Road provided a conduit for the migration of foreign ideals, philosophies, and religions. Along with this wealth of information came the silk and spice trades, the founding products that led to the original creation and prosperity of the Silk Road. Together these two basic principles of wealth and a lust for knowledge drove the forces that changed European…

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