Silk Road Essay

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Imagine a place where you can exchange ideas and goods from places such as Chinese, Persians, Somalis, Greeks, Syrians, Romans, Armenians, Indians, and Bactrians back in 114 BC –1450 AD. The Silk Road a heaven to most merchants and a dream to the most consumer.The Silk Road a network of connecting trading route that went from around China to Eastern Europe and was around ‎6,400 km in size.The Silk Road was a bunch of connecting trading Route that was Started by the Han Dynasties and the other seven warring States and many other empires contributed. The silk road was important because it helped to make trade between kingdoms and empires easier in many ways, such as making it easier to sell to their merchants all around.
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Then there is Zoroastrianism which spread from fifth century BC to the first century BC into the western regions of China. So the Silk Road was one of the biggest things in history that lead to the spread of culture.(“Culture of Silk Road”)

Silk road one of the oldest trading routes in the world and one of the greatest in the world. It leads to many religions spreading and many different cultures being spread and introduced to other countries because of The Silk Road. Also, how many inventions were spread because of the Silk Road also there were many good that were passed from place to place. There are some pros and cons in the silk road but there are more cons in the process and it is one of the best things in

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