Similarities And Differences Between Egypt And China

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Within civilizations there are many similarities and differences. Case in point, geography, social structure, political and governmental systems, economy, technology and culture. For example, Shang and Zhou China, and the Nile River valley. These two civilizations are filled with these types of differences.

The geography of China varies differently of that of Egypt. Which in turn, led these independent civilizations to take different paths in culture and other aspects. China, for instance, has the Himalayas to the west and the coast to the east. Additionally, the Yellow River stretches about 2900 miles through central China and to the coast. This feature allows the Yellow River to carry rich soil from the Mongolia to the Pacific. Furthermore, the Yangtze River and the Yellow River merge together to create rich, fertile land for growing crops. During the Shang Dynasty, eight of the ten cities were located along the Yellow River, while the other two were positioned beside the Yangtze River.

In contrast, Egypt was very open. There was a coast to the west and north, with hundreds of thousands of miles to the east. Another main feature of the Egyptian area was the Nile. The
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Most of the people, particularly the masses, would be the ones who would work on the farms. Another similarity between Egypt and China is the fact that China also so had rivers. In central China there is the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. When these two rivers merge they create a farmers paradise. The easy access to water makes irrigation easy as well as fertilization. Another contributor to China’s economy was the invention of silk. Silk was a highly valuable material that China used for trade. Because silk was so popular, this lead to the Silk Road; a trading rout between China and other civilizations. As a result, this trading caused cultural immersion, making Chinese culture more diverse and bringing in new

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