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  • Bal Shem Tov Case Study

    better known as the Baal Shem Tov, and Reb Eliyahu ben Shlome Zalman, who is commonly referred to as the holy Vilna Goan or simply as the Goan. These two highly esteemed Jewish leaders are the primary voices on these topics of opposition, and as much as their approaches were radically different from each other, they were both brilliant…

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  • Two Great Men In The Bible Analysis

    questioned by the Israelites, despite the fact that he was saving them from King Pharaoh and his Egyptians. The parting of the Red Sea was a very powerful event that took place in the book of Exodus. The Children of Israel initially thought Moses was leading them out of bondage just to let them die in the wilderness. This was not the case. Despite the negative statements made by the Israelites, Moses continued to follow the Lord and let him lead them through the great walls of the Red Sea. After…

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  • Shem And Japeth On The Train Analysis

    writes in Shem and Japeth on the Train, “life in exile-this precious gift from God’s store- belongs only to Jews-His chosen people” (Sforim 35). In this story and in the Y.H. Brenner’s The Way Out Jews, how Jewish people live in exile is developed and displayed as an immense hardship, deleterious toward Jewish family and its future, and yields an unclear identity of what it means to be Jewish. First…

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  • The Dehumanization Of Medical Education By Samuel Shem

    easy and it was not fun (Shem, p.143).” After graduating from medical school, students advance on into the medical field with an aspiration of the field itself being similar to what was described to them in medical school. Some students say that their years in medical school were easy, but soon came to the realization that what they’ve believed to be the best approaches in treatment are challenged as they enter their medical training. During medical training, interns are taught to follow the…

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  • Hasidism: The Chosen By Chaim Potok

    There is much fascination surrounding Hasidism. Hasidism which means God is all around us has become the dominant practice in Judaism. The Chosen by author Chaim Potok highlights the conflict between Jews and the Hasidic. But before understanding this novel, readers should have an idea behind the religion,its rich history, and practices. By examining the historical past of Hasidism will enlighten readers of the culture. Hasidism history is forever entangled is the in society's life. Hasidism…

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  • Rhetorical Devices In Shem's House Of God

    being” ( Shem 364). When Fats is confronted with yet another gomer by a panicked intern he calmly states that she only looks dead. He used the reverse stethoscope technique screaming, “ Cochlea come in, Cochlea come in, do you read me. … Suddenly the room exploded. Anna O. was rocketing up and down shrieking at the great noise” ( Shem 28). As we know most doctors do not use their stethoscopes in a backward manner screaming into their patient’s…

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  • Heroism In Noah And Gilgamesh

    woman, tell me now, which is the way to Utnapishtim, the son of Ubara-Tutu? What directions are there for the passage; give me, oh, give me directions. I will cross the Ocean if it is possible; if it is not I will wander still farther in the wilderness.” (Epic of Gilgamesh pg.144). Every hero comes with weaknesses, just like Noah and Gilgamesh. The weakness I recognized with Noah was his temper. An example of Noah’s weakness would be when he became serious with his youngest son Ham, after Ham…

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  • Zadok-Old Castle Narrative Essay

    Zadok - Old Castle came by and picked up the CDS Separator that was build incorrectly. They are going to fix or replace the unit and deliver it asap. I called Shem with AgraTec to see check with him regarding schedule for the window install. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reach him and his vm was full. So I called Kevin and he said that I would need to work with Shem on schedule. I contacted Ryan with Grand Teton Concrete and spoke with him about schedule. He said that he would be…

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  • The Genre Of Genesis: The Table Of Nations

    The book of Genesis is divided in to two, chapters one through eleven and chapters twelve through fifty. The first eleven chapters of Genesis tells an authoritative story about how God created the world. Many modern historians only loosely accept what the scriptures say about history, this means that while scriptures have been semi accepted as a reliable source of information, there is still disconnection between todays popular history and history according to the scriptures. The Genre of…

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  • The Seven Day Wonder Analysis

    hands before eating the bread. These seemingly small tasks, might not seem like much and be easily overlooked, but together they show to others how seriously one takes his/her faith. A concept in the Jewish faith is an idea many people would refer to as a soul mate or fate. The boys returned, once again, to their instructor, Baal Shem Tov, to question his match between Shmerel and their sister. People of similar social class often matched, but in this unique situation Baal Shem Tov…

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