Zadok-Old Castle Narrative Essay

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Zadok - Old Castle came by and picked up the CDS Separator that was build incorrectly. They are going to fix or replace the unit and deliver it asap.

I called Shem with AgraTec to see check with him regarding schedule for the window install. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reach him and his vm was full. So I called Kevin and he said that I would need to work with Shem on schedule.

I contacted Ryan with Grand Teton Concrete and spoke with him about schedule. He said that he would be here tomorrow to form up the rest of the spot footings and columns.

I assisted David Steel company in loading up the Fork Lift. He was having a really hard time disconnecting his trailer, So I went and grab a 2x4 and used it as a lever to pull the pin out. He was very grateful for the help.

I called left a vm for Brian Maddock our potential finish carpenter, and asked him about getting us his quote asap.

Powers Excavating - Sunny and Tyler worked on running the water line and connecting the Water Meter pits for building A. They are ready to have the pits inspected at which time they can bury them. I spoke with Sunny and Aaron and explained to them what the City is wanting to do with the road patch on Beryl.

Hedgehog - Glen and his guys are
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I also showed them were they didn't locate a 3/4 irrigation line in the future Alley, they told me to go head and just cap it and remove the rest of the line. We also discussed the patch work that needs to be done in the road before we have a ton of snow. We decided to bring in some road base, clean up and fix the shoulder, compact the ground really well, and also cover up the water meter pits and place the candle sticks over the top of them. They also want us to place some T-post with reflectors on them along the side of the road so the snow plow knows where the edge of the road

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