Nt1310 Unit 3 Library Term Paper

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1. I have completed my survey for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library Course and have received my passing score 26\40.
2. Kim Rymsha’s computer is back in her office and both her personal and network printers have been connected to her Pc.
3. Docsvault has been completely installed on Lisa Cabrera.
4. I have unlocked Angel Li, of Fiscal, 10th Floor Active Directory Account.
5. I am awaiting the status for pickup of our DBH Inventory of old Equipment that has been updated for Disposal now that it has been approved by Anthony B.
6. I installed Mary Jane DiGravio’s 952 XL Black cartridge for her HP Office Pro 8710 personal printer and now it is back in service.
7. I spoke with Mika to inform her of our license issue and once it is up-to-date then we will be able to re-install VISIO for her.
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Attended Anthony B’s Staff meeting on Wednesday.
9. Attended Hillary’s Shayne’s Docsvault meeting on Wednesday.
10. I am still working on verifying the total count of 8 licenses for Microsoft VISIO and 9 Microsoft Project and I hope to have this completed by the end of business day of Friday once I finish comparing my list to the SpiceWorks report.
11. I called Tameca Hobbs and she said that she would only need the standard applications for her laptop.
12. Assisted Anthony in running the Dropdown-cable between both the Main Conference Room and server rooms through the ceiling and plugging into the switch and laptop.
13. I setup Carol Bangura’s computer in OAS, she is a new user and sits right outside John Antonovich's Office, we did not get the request until yesterday her Supervisor is Sarorng Sorn.

Past week’s new requests
New computer setup for Wilsome Davis Intern Start date: October 24, 2016 Location: Cubicle outside of Gail Harrison's office Phone no.: 5-5490 Supervisor: Pam

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