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  • Masculinity In Disney-Pixar

    The article “Poste-Princess Models of Gender: The New Man in Disney/Pixar” by Gillam and Wooden uses great examples to show how the views on masculinity is changing. In the article, they talk about ‘emasculation of the alpha male’, which is when you deprive a man of his role. In they describe a man’s masculinity using moves such as toy story, little mermaid, the Incredibles, etc. They talked about how Buzz Lightyear and his companion Sheriff Woody see themselves based “on a masculine model of competition and power” (Gillam and Wooden, 2008). They do this by using their desire to be the “favorite toy” (Gillam and Wooden, 2008). In the movie “toy story” Sheriff Woody is seen as the leader, which Gillam and Wooden describe as “paternalistic (the act of leading/governing others) care” (Gillam and Wooden, 2008) and “patriarchal (being the top leader) dominance” (Gillam and Wooden, 2008). The authors also describe how in the movie “The Incredibles” Mr. Incredible uses strength and speed to save the day, all…

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  • Classical Hollywood Narrative Structure

    narrative structure; ‘character traits, goals, obstacles and actions. These four elements strengthen the conventional narrative of ‘beginning, middle, climax, and end’, Conventional narratives are known to be ‘stereotypical’ as it is commonly used amongst wide variation of movies examples that include Toy Story (1995), Batman (1966) and Star Wars (1977). In the film Toy Story, at the beginning, we see Andy the young boy at his own birthday party, who receives a brand new toy; Buzz Lightyear. His…

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  • A Better Tomorrow Film Analysis

    breaking animation. However, it’s brilliant character development is often overlooked. Throughout the course of the film, the audience witnesses a change within the two leads, Woody and Buzz. The movie starts out with a sequence featuring Andy (the toy’s owner) enjoying his toys and playing with Woody who is obviously is favorite. This is demonstrated by a center close up of Woody’s face. Later, when Buzz is introduced there is a slow pan that finishes with a center close up accompanied by an…

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  • Timeless Themes In Ebenezer Scrooge's A Christmas Carol

    Trends, ideas, and perspectives come and go, but timeless themes are evident throughout time, forever youthful, yet old at the same time. Timeless themes are eternally relevant concepts in classic and contemporary literature that can be connected by everyone, regardless of their age, their lifestyle, or their time period. The theme on the importance of others occurs repeatedly over time in thousands of different kinds of literature. Especially now with the our world brimming with superficial…

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  • Leadership In Toy Story

    best for everyone. They motivate employees to strive to do better and push them to become a strong individual. Leadership plays an important role in every organization and it also played an important role in Toy Story. This movie is about Woody who is the leader of the toys and is Andy’s best friend. When Andy receives a new toy for his birthday which is Buzz Lightyear he suddenly becomes jealous. He is jealous because everyone is paying attention to the new toy and feels like no one cares about…

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  • The Case Of Steven Avery

    In 1985, an innocent man was sent to prison for a sentence of 36 years. This man’s name was Steven Avery. Steven was a resident on Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. A county where the police, the people you shouldn’t be afraid of, didn’t quite accept Avery because of an incident with his cousin, who was also the wife of the deputy, some time back, against Sandy Morris. The incident involved an empty fire arm weapon, which he pointed at Morris, when asked why he did it, his didn’t like the rumors…

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  • Analysis Of The Estill Police Department In Hampton County

    SYNOPSIS: On the 3rd of October, 2015, I, CPL. Lessane, of the Hampton County Sheriff’s Office, responded to Estill Police Department, in the city/county of Hampton, in reference to an assault that occurred in the Furman area of Hampton County. Upon arrival, I made contact with the complainant, Roger Bryant, who stated he was assaulted by an individual he identified as “Shawn”, on Honey Hill Road in Furman, unknown exact address. I gathered the pertinent information needed to complete this…

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  • Django Film Analysis

    and this scene sets the tone for the rest of the film. The scene begins right after Shultz rescues Django and they arrive in Daughterly, Texas. Shultz kills the sheriff of the county in the street. Afterwards, the marshal and the militia of the town come to the bar in order to arrest and/or kill Shultz and Django if they resist. Instead, Shultz proves that he is beyond the law and instead of arresting Shultz for murder, Shultz informs the marshal that he now owes him money for his service.…

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  • Police Disparities

    Three convincing issues confronted early American police divisions: (1) ought to police be formally dressed; (2) if they convey guns; and (3) the amount of power would they be able to use to do their obligations. The neighborhood dealers and specialists who had pushed the improvement of civil policing needed the police formally dressed with the goal that they could be effortlessly distinguished by persons looking for their help thus they would make a conspicuous police vicinity in the city. Some…

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  • K9 Proposal Examples

    Hello, I am Deputy Daniel L. Glidden of the Andrew County Sheriff’s Department. We are seeking donations in order to assist our K9 Unit when purchasing a new K9 and equipment. With your contributions, you will be helping Andrew County Sheriff’s Department support the K9 program, a phenomenal tool to be utilized. My current partner, K9 Jak, is an 11-year-old Belgian Malinois. The Sheriff’s Department purchased Jak a little over a year ago from a Sheriff’s Department in Utah. Jak is trained to…

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