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  • Gangxia Village Case Study

    Gangxia village is an urban village situated in the central part of Futian CBD, Shenzhen. The urban village comprises two parts, as shown in Figure 4.2, Heyuan and Louyuan, the case study here only covers Heyuan block, which takes up a population of approximately 68,000 (only 900 are indigenous villagers, the other 67,000 are migrant tenants) and an area of approximately 151,600 m2 (Futian Government Online, 2007). Regarding the large size of redevelopment and the complex interests among various stakeholders, before the planning process, Gangxia village, the last urban village in designated area of Futian CBD, was recognised as the most difficult project to conduct in Shenzhen (Southern Metropolis Daily, 2011). At the very beginning, the proposal…

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  • Opportunity To Work At Intercontinental Shenzhen

    During my summer break, I got an opportunity to work at Intercontinental Shenzhen. InterContinental Shenzhen is the platinum 5 stars with the Spanish inspired hotel in China with. The Location in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, it was the perfect position for travelers and business visitors, 30 minute drive to airport, 10 minutes walking to city attractions such as theme parks, shopping malls and OCT loft. The hotel provides 540 luxury rooms at 688 square meters. Two executive floors from…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Legal State Shares

    (2007) compares the Chinese stock market to an alphabet soup because of the different kinds of shares in the Chinese stock market, including A-shares, B-shares and H-shares. These are the tradable shares. The so-called B-shares, a kind of foreign shares, can be subscribed and purchased by foreign investors on Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange and are denominated in US dollars and Hong Kong dollars respectively. The H-shares are also foreign shares for the companies that are…

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  • Communist Market Case Study

    and important regulations. First, the paper summarizes the history of China’s largest stock exchange to develop a framework to build off of. Second, the paper discusses the four stages modern Chinese securities went through before taking their current form. Third, the paper reviews important pieces of legislations resulting from the four stages that affect foreign investors. Fourth, the paper examines the different ways China has privatized its state-owned enterprises and what this means to…

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  • Business Analysis Of A Mobile Phone Case In Shenzhen, China

    Ⅰ. Business Description Ms. Xu ran a business mainly producing leather phone case in Shenzhen, China. She started the business in 2002 when luxury mobile phone started to get popular in China. The business scales from the design, the production process to the sales of the products. Ms. Xu employed about twenty workers to run the business. Apart from the leather phone case, other products like leather wallets and leather accessories are also sold in the store. In 2012, Ms. Xu put an end to the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Shenzhen Bay Control Point

    When our coach arrived Shenzhen Bay Control Point, I knew my trip had already come to a full stop. All of them said they hope to stay for more days, but this never came into my mind. I missed that young face, yet I was sure he mustn’t have the same idea as me. I wouldn’t forget the way he stared at me in the past few days. I could feel the anger from this young fellow, and I promised I wouldn’t return to that place again. Several days ago, I’d joined a five days voluntary teaching trip…

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  • Property Market In China Case Analysis

    Contexts As shown in the following figure, the property market in China was in a downturn in the last two-year and it has begun to show nascent signs of recovery in the first four months this year (Fung, 2016). Due to the looser lending policies and the sustained advance in new construction, the real estate prices and sales have risen in recent months (Fung, 2016). The China Index Academy states that Chinese home prices have continued to rise for the 15th straight month in July 2016 (Cao, 2016).…

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  • Amy Tan A Pair Of Tickets Analysis

    The Setting of “A Pair of Tickets” by Amy Tan The setting of a story is defined as the time and place in which it takes place. In “A Pair of Tickets” the setting would be both the cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou located in Communist China. The setting affects the protagonist in a major way. Although she was born in America she is of chinese heritage. Returning to her cultural homeland changes her drastically from the American woman she thought she was, to the Chinese-American woman she becomes.…

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  • The Electric Company Case

    Given the current outlook of the lithium-ion battery market, it is time for The Electric Company (TEC) to make its next great leap: an international venture. The coming growth of the electric vehicle industry and the feasible landscape for TEC’s rise to market dominance makes now the time to move. Then, since the decision for expansion seems to be nothing more than an afterthought at this point, the question becomes where? Based on a number of exogenous factors, as well as intrinsic qualities,…

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  • China Stock Market Essay

    The risk of China and the US stock market is different with the Standard & Poor 's index for the past 10 years has a volatility of about 1.25% a day; with fuses at 7% which is about five and a half times the standard deviation. This is not a normal distribution; the probability of occurrence in reality is much higher, about once every two years, which historically was 7 times over the past 14 years. In Comparison the daily volatility of China 's Shanghai and Shenzhen index of about 1.8%; A…

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