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  • Homosexuality In Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla

    homosexuality of any kind is a sinful and undiscussed act. Sheridan Le Fanu’s novel, Carmilla, was published in 1872 as one of the first pieces of vampiric fiction in British Literature. Carmilla was the concluding short story from a collection of stories…

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  • Id Ego Superego In Carmilla

    In Sheridan le Fanu’s Carmilla there happens to be three different aspects of a person’s personality that the three main characters take up. Which happen to be the id, the ego and the superego. Carmilla as the id, Laura as the ego, and Laura’s father as the superego. This shows us even through fiction, Freud’s ideas of how a person’s personality is made up can still be applied to literature. The id. The id works directly with the ego sometimes even referred to as the id-ego to…

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  • Carmilla And Geraldine Comparison

    The Similarities Between Vampires Diverge Vampires mirror the image of normal human beings, besides their unnatural abilities they choose to love or not to love, to hate or not to hate, and at last they choose who they wish to focus their energy on. Sheridan Le Fanu’s vampire Carmilla shows likeness too Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s vampire Geraldine at the same time having different personal motives of their own. Carmilla with all her likenesses to Geraldine shows more empathy to Laura than…

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  • Imperialism In Laura's Carmilla

    In the nineteenth century, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s texts present varying circumstances of inexplicable terrors situated in Gothic tradition to explore the political and social ideals fundamentally inherent in the Victorian age, particularly surrounding imperialism and sexuality. However, Le Fanu’s method of exploring and critiquing Victorian ideology of imperialism and sexuality are cleverly concealed under the prevalent supernatural elements present in his works. This is a concept that is…

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  • Darkness In Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla

    Darkness the Vampire’s Double: Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla Darkness in Le Fanu's Carmilla serves as its own monster since it is a representation of negativity, mystery, and fear. Darkness like the vampire creates an unsettling sensation for the narrative because it allows the uncanny to manifest and generate feelings of uncertainty and terror. For the main protagonist Laura, the overwhelming experience of darkness places the character in a state of distress which creates problems for…

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  • Dichotomy In Dracula

    often adores in sexual terms. Matilda, who initially disguises herself as a man but reveals herself to look exactly like the effigy, becomes the object of the monk’s desires and awakens his transgressive passions. Matilda’s doubling with the beautiful Virgin Mary unveils the illuminating differences between one and the other: whereas the effigy represents a woman that is beautiful, pure, and virginal, Matilda is unveiled as a sensual, seductive, and demonic character. Similarly, in Carmilla, the…

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  • Psychoanalytic Criticism In Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla

    Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla Analyzed Through Freud’s Psychoanalytic Criticism. In Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla we can see Freud’s Psychoanalytic Criticism in use with Laura and Carmilla. As the story unfolds Fanu’s slowly reveals more about Carmilla and Laura and we get a better understanding of the girls secret unconscious desires and anxieties. Through Freud’s Psychoanalytic Criticism the story takes on deeper meaning, from the conscious to the unconscious. Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla explores…

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  • Grant And Lee: A Study Of Contrast By Bruce Catton Analysis

    Pertaining to American history it is vital to educate yourself about two symbolic men that put their differences aside so the Civil War could come to an end. Two men named Grant and Lee were able to do just that. In the reading “Grant and Lee: A Study of Contrast” by Bruce Catton, the author writes a compare and contrast essay detailing their backgrounds, personalities, and aspirations. When evaluating all of these contributing factors it is clear that Lee was vastly a more impressionable…

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  • Kenya Refugees Journey

    • Mamere, Jeremiah, Paul, Abital and Theo and Daniel family were all killed by Northern Militia. The now orphan Sundanese children venture to the Kenya Refugee camp where they face several hardships and some are even lost along the way to find safe haven. While venturing to Kenya the eldest son and Chief of the group sacrifices himself to rebel soldiers stating that he’s traveling alone while his brothers and sisters hide in the tall grass. Eventually the frayed group make it to the Kenya…

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  • Mr Sheridan Interview

    Style In our meeting, I found Mr Sheridan to have a mature, professional, positive and someone ‘upbeat’ personal style. He is friendly and engaging. At the same time, he appears to be an intelligent person who is constantly assessing the dynamics of the communication, as well as the content of the material. I would expect Mr Sheridan to be a perceptive and intelligent negotiator in a commercial situation. And to be a cooperative and positive team member in the FMP environment. Career…

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