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  • The Sands Hotel Case

    Sands Hotel came into existence through the sale of a computer trade show “COMDEX”. In 1989, entrepreneur Sheldon G. Adelson and his partners bought the Sands Hotel and within one year opened the Sands Expo and Convention Center. In 1995, Adelson sold COMDEX for more than $800 million dollars. This money was used for renovations of The Sands Motel, which was inspired by a trip taken to Venice Italy. For the next two years the hotel was reconstructed into a romantic replica of the ambience and…

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  • Vo2 Max Lab Report

    Introduction: Maximal oxygen uptake, or VO2 max represents the maximum amount of oxygen consumption attainable during all out aerobic exercise, most commonly running on a treadmill. The point at which oxygen consumption plateaus is the individual’s maximal oxygen uptake. If the individual does not plateau, that point is referred to as VO2 peak. VO2 max is measured in milliliters per kilogram of body weight per minute, and there are two ways to measure it, either direct or indirect. The direct…

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  • How Does Planned Obsolescence Affect Consumer Behavior

    In modern society, no matter in real life or in the online world, advertisements are ubiquitous and incessantly remind people of their social status as consumers. Among the advertisements, some of them try to convince people of donation to charity, some of them aim to win votes for political groups while most of them attempt to promote the sale of products. With the advertising influences, people are caught up in the vicious circle of constantly consuming goods, even goods they do not really…

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  • Aerobic Capacity

    Aerobic capacity of endurance athletes has been a consistent topic throughout research. Different sports require a certain amount of endurance to be successful on the field or court. Much of this research has been done on soccer players. These athletes consistently show a high maximal oxygen capacity, also known as VO2 max. Due to their higher aerobic fitness level they are able to perform closer to their maximum heart rate value as well. Throughout a match the players consistently shift from…

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  • Animal Characters: Video Games Vs. Reality

    Animals: Video Games vs Reality Animals have had a vital role in video games from being the main hero/villain to being a food source for others. The animal characters can come from a range of animals. Whether based on fictional or actual animals, the characters usually retain some of its “original” abilities. In this essay, I will be looking at animal characters that are based on real animals and how they compare to each other. The animal characters are usually similar to real-life…

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  • 6-Week Health Program: A Case Study

    The peer involved in the 6-week health program is Ashlee Sargent, aged twenty. An interview was conducted to identify the health behaviour that she wishes to change in the program. From the interview, relevant information was collected. The client is currently working as a receptionist in a physiotherapy clinic. She works on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. She has a gym membership and currently exercises for three times a week. She exercises for an hour and mostly runs on a treadmill. The speed…

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  • Adventure And Discovery In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Birth-Mark

    “I’m going on an adventure!!”, this is what Bilbo described himself as he was running off into a new world from the Hobbit. The same can be said about an American. Though how does one simply be an American? This question can be taken in several ways, however one easy way to describe it is by experiencing it firsthand. By going on an adventure like never before, seeing the beauty of nature as you spring down the path, making friends along the way. That is what being an American is all about.…

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  • The Last Of The Mohicans Setting Analysis

    in war - not for independence, but for land. Set in the wilderness of upper New York, James Fenimore Cooper's, The Last of the Mohicans, is one of the first great works of American literature solidifying Cooper as the first truly American author. ¨As a pioneer of literature, James Fenimore Cooper did not use a European background to attract readers as Washington Irving did; instead he created his own purely American style of literature. In his novel,[readers]can find real American figures, an…

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  • Nationalism And The Romantic Era

    Revolutions all across the globe had constituted to an era, which brought forth to some of the most influential artists and writers of the late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century. In particular, the revolutions pertaining to America such as the Declaration of Independence, in 1776, gave many artists new subjects to consider such as contradicting political views, economic actualization and strong cultural and social diversity. When these feelings were brought forth into works of art, the…

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  • The Deerslayer Summary

    James Fenimore Cooper has a past in the church. He was very active in his hometown church. Later in his life he took on leadership and clergy roles there. He donated a lot of money and supervised the redesigning of the church as his own expense. Also later in his life he was confirmed by the church. He was very publically involved in his home church, so for him to have written a book tying in Christian values is not surprising. Some writers who analyze Cooper’s work said he was the only major…

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