The Fine Art Of Sighing Analysis

Beyond Surface Level: A Sigh

As straightforward as a sigh can be, its hidden complexities are the sound foundation for “The fine art of sighing”. By definition according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, sighing is “to take a deep audible breath (as in weariness or relief)” however through the depth of Cooper 's writing we find that sighing is a passage to many other emotions and avenues(“sigh”). Although not clearly evident at the surface of his piece, the writing style of “the fine art of sighing” suggest Bernard Cooper himself finds sighing to be a blockade in relationships and trivial to true emotions. The turmoil conveyed through Cooper 's writing directs psychoanalytical conclusions that Bernard himself is describing his struggles as a gay individual and the connection of such to the intimacy of showing true emotion. Through the narrative description of the impactful piece “The fine art of sighing” when looking through a formalism scope it is evident that operations of repression have affected the narrator 's childhood development, focusing on his fear of the desire to love and
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The words suggest the release of a burden or prominent stress, phrases such as "you can no longer contain it in your hands" and "your body is about to be unburdened, second by second, cell by cell. The reference to "cell by cell" leads to the distinct carried out message that Bernard Cooper himself does not feel he is the same as those around him, that the emotions and feelings he is relieving with a sigh hold a much greater weight than those he watches within the world. His descriptions of others and their actions are in depth and precise, he takes in others actions and analyzes them almost as to compare to his own, which he later does clearly with his descriptive observations of his own dysfunctional parents and those of the

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