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  • Markham Park Shooting Range: A Short Story

    He instructed each one of us how to hold the shotgun with the muzzle down on the ground. One by one the instructor would put a shell into the chamber. My ears were satisfied with the click of the gun confirming it is in. Only one shotgun was loaded at one time for student safety. Once loaded, he instructed us to get into the firing position one by one. I was then receiving goosebumps as the cold metal stock touched my cheek. As my earplugs and glasses were already in place, he told me when I am ready, to say “ PULL”. Following that I did and simultaneously a fluorescent orange disk flew out of the ground. The second it shot out my gun followed the disk until it was right on top and then “BAM!” I look to see bits of orange flying. It was a direct hit on my first try. The instructor helped me reload the gun and I brought the gun back up to my cheek to take another shot…

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  • Crescent Moon: A Short Story

    “Crescent Moon Darnel.” Meta looked up from her port, her eyes wandering for the so-called Crescent Moon. She had never seen this name on her list, giving it away that she had just turned four, the age when the scientists first draw blood from the shells. “Here.” a small, almost inaudible voice came from the back of the lava tunnel. A small blonde girl with warm brown eyes emerged from the crowd. She blushed and looked a the floor as Meta examined her. “Hello,” Meta said softly “What’s wrong?”…

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  • Memory Loss In Finding Dory

    on his shell, and he took them through the California current. As they got passed the current, they saw a sunken ship and hermit crabs taking cover. When Dory asks for help, they hushed her, making her remember another memory of her childhood where she was swimming around, trying to look for her parents, Jenny and Charlie, but a group of crabs hushed her. Now back to the present, she starts to yell out her parent’s name, but a squid came out and started chasing after Dory, Marlin, and Nemo.…

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  • Estore Case Study

    Richard lvey School of Business The University of Western Ontario 9806E020 ESTORE AT SHELL CANADA LIMITED Chad Saunders wrote this case under the supervision of Professors Deborah Compeau and Barbara Marco/in, and Roger Milley solely to provide material for class discussion. The authors do not intend to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a managerial situation. The authors may have disguised certain names and other identifying information to protect…

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  • Walking On Puka Shells-Personal Narrative

    Walking on Puka Shells I am walking down the coast of Hanalei Bay, barefoot, and my wetsuit clinging to my body. I am looking for something, but I am not sure of what that is. The sky is grey, something seems off. I look further down the beach and I see something that looks like a body. As I am running closer and closer, the shape begins to take form. The closer I get, the harder it becomes to run. When my eyes have completely focused on the no longer blurred shape — I realize what it is. Or…

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  • Battle Of Vimy Ridge Sovereignty Analysis

    community. On July 1st, 1867 Canada became an independent country, but was still a part of the British Common Wealth comparable to New Zealand and Australia. Canada has developed a sovereign identity thru the bravery of millions of soldiers and the brilliant people who created a great country. This was developed during World War one, the Interwar period and World War two. After the Great War, Canada emerged a victorious and an independent country that was no longer under the control of…

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  • Vimy Ridge Success

    The battle of Vimy Ridge was one that is still remembered to this day for the quick and effective victory that Canada achieved. With several new implementations into military tactics, the battle of Vimy Ridge's success is attributed to meticulous planning, powerful artillery support, and tactical innovation. Firstly, Canada’s success at Vimy Ridge can be greatly credited to the fact that it was heavily planned for. In previous battles, troops were very unaware of what they were getting into and…

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  • Samuel Hughes Biography

    The committee performed bad and so by mid-1951 contracts worth about $170 million were signed to wealthy industrialists, but only $5.5 million worth shells were made. The committee paid American munitions companies that had not yet built manufacturing…

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  • Conflict In Canada

    place full of human beings, that settle conflicts with massacre. In general, Canada is arguably one of the most peaceful nations in the world compared to other nations such as United States of America, United Kingdom, and other parts of the world. Canada has many roles when it comes to conflicts. For example, taking care of the conflicts, helping its allies, and getting involved in political acts. Also, Canada takes a lot of responsibilities when it comes to being part of big organisations.…

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  • Reality In Afghanistan War Comparison

    Franz Ferdinand and his morganatic wife, Sophie, duchess of Hohenberg, were shot dead by a Bosnian Serb, Gavrilo Princip.” ( Royde-Smith, Showalter, 2015). This event led to the declaration of war by the Austro-Hungarian empire against Serbia. The soldier’s experiences and conditions were very dangerous because of the modern weapon technology, quick firing. To counter this, the soldiers dug trenches which they could hide in and shoot from all while remaining undercover. However, the trenches,…

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