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  • Compare And Contrast Dex Green And The Great Gatsby

    F. Scott Fizgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby and short story “Winters Dream” show that he tended to write what he truly knew. There were many parallels between the two pieces which both depicted central themes of materialistic values and an ever unreachable dream of greatness. Showcased through the writings were two highly persistent billionaires seeking affluence and the heart of a woman they would never have. Between wild parties, alcohol, desire for the most luxurious lifestyle and the uproar of a modernizing 1920s America stood the stories of Mr. Jay Gatsby and Dexter Green, similar in many aspects but like anything else, they had their contrasts and varied in a few aspects. The two stories were similar because they both told of a man that…

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  • How Does Money Affect The Great Gatsby

    Does money affect your feelings for someone? A romantic would argue never, while a cynic might say, “of course it does!” In The Great Gatsby, a novel about America during the 1920s, several relationships are featured. The relationships are described through the perspective of one person, a man named Nick Carraway, and it can be inferred that he believes most of the individuals are in it for the money not the love. Some may argue that Nick’s perspective isn’t reliable and that the feelings of…

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  • Response To The Great Gatsby

    In the great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald, there were so many themes, it wasn’t just a novel about romance. There were many significant themes and clues about all of them. The novel is about a young men trying to get back his old lover, it's the only thing he has left to be able to accomplish all his goals. Gatsby the main character in this novel is fighting against anything to get Daisy his lover back after five years of them not being together after he went to war. The story begins in the…

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  • Chapter Analysis: 'One Last Call'

    Harper paused for a while after knocking before putting her ear to the door. It didn’t seem like anyone was home. Harper’s heart started to race. She hadn’t considered that the Director might not be in residence that morning. If he wasn’t at Winters Hall, how would Harper get her hologram? As Saskia hurried down the corridor, Harper tried pushing at the door to no avail. It was sealed shut and there was no point trying anything else because the door to the Director’s office was powered by a…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On The Four Seasons

    how fall sneaks up on you, making you realize that winter is coming soon. The lack of greenery in this sculpture makes it feel heavier then spring and summer. The colder colors of fall also contribute to making it feel heavier. Fall has a middle aged like appearance show with the lager nose, facial hair, and lines around the mouth that I believe to be wrinkles. Fall more certainly seems to be the wake up all of summer, it sort of reminds of a middle-aged crisis. So winter should be the final…

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  • Snowflakes Informative Speech

    Crystal Joy The things that snow crystals can do Do you know amazing things about snowflakes? Do you someday want to know everything about them? Snowflakes are wonderful things that come out of no where. Also, the topics I am going to tell you are fantastic! Snowflakes are the most interesting things to learn about. Snowflakes are Amazing because they come in all shapes and sizes. Also, they can stop us from having school! Lastly, Snowflakes have a fantastic form. To…

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  • Fall Argumentative Analysis

    the steadily declining sun, waiting to hide from winter’s upcoming torment. The aromatic scent of pumpkin and apple cider push their way to the forefront of your nose, and cozy themselves like if they were next to a warm fireplace. The boisterous sound of your father yelling, “go Eagles” at the television fills your eardrums. Ah, fall is upon us. There’s nothing that is quite comparable to fall: winter, summer, and spring always try to curtail fall’s reign of dominance, but their attempts always…

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  • Reindeer Observation

    For my animal performance scene I was a reindeer. The biggest strengths that I had for my scene was my movement, portrayal of eating, and display of the prey-like nature of a reindeer. During research I learned that a reindeer walks heavily but also spry. I properly conveyed this concept in my scene by leaping from leg to leg, making sure to lead with my knees when I was in the air and to place my weight on my leading foot when I landed. Since reindeer eat grass and shrubs that is often buried…

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  • Lesson Goals: Curriculum Level: K Year Of The Year

    Addressed: Use selected materials to produce works of art. AED-K-1 Lesson Objectives and Demands Content Objectives: Students will know the seasons of the year. Students will be able to draw what seasons look like. Assessment: Students will be assessed using a check sheet. o Student participated in activity o Student had all seasons o Student made each season have correct characteristics o Student had the seasons in the correct order Key Vocabulary in Lesson: Season, weather, hot, cold,…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Snow Day In The Day Of Winter

    coldness seems to be nonexistent. The multiple layers of clothing no longer feel dry as one waddles back into the warmth. It’s a day for bonding in one way or another between playing in the snow to just watching a couple episodes on Netflix and sipping on Swiss hot cocoa. A snow day is just one of the reasons Winter is viewed as a top pick of all the…

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