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  • Osmer's Theo Drama Theory Analysis

    through a type of baptismal. Jesus never referred to himself as “Rabbi” or “Teacher,” and yet others recognized him as such. Others testimonies were confirmations of his vocation because of the authority in which he taught. One example is Jesus’ disciples and followers, “And Jesus answered and said to him, Simon I have something to say to you,” and he said “Rabbi, speak.” In the context of this scripture God had given Peter revelation of Jesus’ divine identity. Theologically, I believe…

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  • The Spirit On The Lord's Day Analysis

    The Lord Came After those jealous and hardhearted Jews killed the Lord, He arose as He said He would, on the third day. By His resurrection, He made good His promise; the very promise for which they killed Him. The chief priest and elders sent that mob into the Garden called Gethsemane, to arrest Jesus and drag Him back for trial. When the Lord was brought before the authorities, they sent out a message that they were looking for witnesses to testify against Jesus. I don’t know if there was…

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  • Summary Of Confucius's Analects

    on following rites and rituals, in many areas of the book we see his agree with his disciples on the importance and usage of rituals. The word ritual is derived from the term li. Li was extended to matter of personal conduct and not only limited to understanding of literal rituals. "Do…

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  • Samaritans In The Crucible

    a woman, but also because he was a Jew, and she was a Samaritan. Later in the story, Jesus’ disciples returned from their task Jesus had sent them on. In John 4:27 it states, “ Just then His disciples came, and they were surprised to find Him talking to a woman. However, no one said, ‘What are you asking for?’ or, ‘Why are you talking to her?’ ” This encounter and shocked minds of the woman and disciples showed the nonexistent, loving relationship between the Jews and Samaritan people. Because…

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  • Leonardo As A Renaissance Man

    after being asked to work for the king of France, Leonardo died on May 2, 1519. Even his death became quite the tale. Though it likely could be filed under a box labeled “legend”, it is said that Leonardo “expired in the arms of the King, in the seventy fifth year of his age.” How ever the exact story of his death went, it can certainly be said that Leonardo Da Vinci lived up to the phrase, from humble beginnings to great…

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  • Short Story Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

    Jesus’ head used to lie. The angels asked her why she was crying and Mary told them that the men had taken her Lord and she now does not know where they laid him. Mary then turned to find Jesus standing behind her. Jesus then told Mary to run to the disciples and tell them that she has seen Jesus very well alive.…

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  • Jesus The Holy Spirit Analysis

    Here, Jude ascribes to Jesus attributes befitting of God himself glory, majesty, dominion, and power. Jesus was able to tell the seventy two in Luke the 10th chapter verse 17 that he beheld Satan fall from heaven as lightning because of his preeminence. And yes, the Word did become flesh and dwelt among us as stated in the Gospel of John chapter 1verse 14. The disciples were not yet filled with power from on High because God in the flesh was present with them so they could not yet fully…

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  • Confucianism Vs Daoism Essay

    a low and high-level public official and, in his later life, wandered for 12 years with a few of his disciples from place to place. Confucius described his own lifetime, as recorded in the Analects, 2:4: “At fifteen I set my heart on learning. At thirty, I was firmly established. At forty, I had no more doubts. At fifty, I knew the will of heaven. At sixty, I was ready to listen to it. At seventy, I could follow my heart’s desire without transgressing what was…

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  • Cocaine Addiction In Tommy Shaw's Song Snowblind

    involvement with the stimulant, yet this song gives a very accurate depiction of dependency on it. The lesson the country had formerly learned about the use of cocaine was unfamiliar to the generation of young Americans emerging during the sixties and seventies. A new way of life was being sought after where some saw illegal drug use as a right they should be entitled to. Cocaine, as well as other drugs, was…

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  • Growing Up Without Religion Essay

    Most people grow up religious, knowing who or what they believe in. Others grow up with no religion at all and only believe in what they see or experience on a daily basis. Growing up without a set religion can confuse a person quite a bit. There are many questions that are left unanswered. People grow up without religion for many different reasons, some being that they do not have transportation to a church, or that they do not live somewhere that has a church nearby, or maybe that they are…

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