Mississippi State Penitentiary

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  • Essay On Torture In Canada

    geared towards psychological acts of violence. The latter use has been hard for society to come to terms with. This paper will describe how Canada used residential schools and segregation as a means of torture. First it will give a general background of the use of torture in Europe, secondly it will define torture differentiating it from abuse, thirdly it will discuss torture as punishment with the example of segregation, and lastly it will discuss the use of torture in regards to political re-education using the example of residential schools. History of Torture In general the severity of torture has varied, transforming with each passing period of time, but essentially settling back into its original state. Next year Canada with be 150…

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  • Angola Rodeo Thesis

    The Angola Rodeo, a tradition held annually in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, is an event inmates die for. Danger not only subsists in the race itself, but also in the fact that the rodeo doesn’t seem problematic on the surface. The inmates are completely aware of the risks which they are willing to take on for their own fun; they even sign a legal release indicating their free will and waiving culpability of the State of Louisiana. Not only so, it’s a scarce opportunity for them to feel…

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  • Eastern State Penitentiary Analysis

    John Swain: Eastern Penitentiary Worksheet Part I: General Questions: Answer 3 (1 point each) What was the correctional philosophy of Eastern State Penitentiary when it opened? Eastern State’s philosophy was the Pennsylvania System- a system where prisoners were isolated in their own cells with only a bible their thoughts. This complete silence and isolation was essential to repentance, however it was a maddening system that could (and I’m sure has) driven many prisoners insane. Name two…

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  • Beechworth Asylum

    Later, a Jewish patient was thrown out of a window to her death by another patient who wanted her cigarettes. Because the woman was Jewish, her body was not allowed to be moved until a Rabbi had seen it, so her body was left lying out in front of the hospital for 2 days. All that was required for you to end up here was a request from a relative or friend, and a signature from a doctor. Grevillia Wing was the wing that all of the patients feared. Shackles, straitjackets, and electro-shock were…

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  • Eastern State Prison Analysis

    Eastern State Penitentiary Started with a small jail, then a “penitentiary house” was built on that had 16 rooms that were used to see how prisoners acted when they are confined day and or night. Since the jail was so small even with the new building, the decision was made to build a newer bigger penitentiary. The final decision was made in 1821 that the new penitentiary was going to be built. The new building was made to hold around 250 inmates at one time. John Haviland was the head architect…

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  • Narrative Essay On Hurricanes

    I went to Sterling Surgical Hospital for an abdominal ultrasound. The Ultrasound Technologist name is Shannon Risher. During the ultrasound I asked Shannon if I could talk to her right after we were done with my ultrasound. Shannon said, “She would be glad to!” Shannon is 41 years old from Metairie, Louisiana. She looked normal on the outside, but when she told me what happened it changed my perceptions about her. During 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit, she so happened to be the Ultrasound…

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  • Exaggeration In The Storm This Time By David Helvarg

    Hurricane Katrina was a purely devastating storm that left new orleans and the surrounding area in ruin for months after the storm had passed. David Helvarg describes the devastation that has taken place throughout the hurricane’s path in the story, “The Storm This Time”. The story starts off with Helvarg arrival in Baton Rouge immediately describing the relief efforts that are taking place to help those affected by this disaster of a storm. As Helvarg continues his documentation of the storm's…

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  • The Old Man And The Storm Analysis

    zWe may know what happened during Hurricane Katrina, we might know what happened to the city of New Orleans, but what we do not know is how Hurricane Katina affected the people involved. The documentary, “The Old Man and the Storm” informs us about the devastation of the hurricane on a personal level. It shows love, devastation, and the courage one can have to sacrifice for his family. It also shows how the community comes together as the government stalls. It gives the audience a different…

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  • Personal Narrative: Not An Ordinary Teacher

    Not an Ordinary Teacher Not only is this extraordinary teacher one of my favorite teachers I have had in my years of education, but she is also an amazing mother. Michelle Osborne is a 6th grade teacher at Florence Middle School (FMS). She was awarded Teacher of the Year over all of the schools in Rankin County, in late November of last year. She was also Teacher of the Month multiply times at FMS. However, the most inspirational thing Michelle has done as a teacher is to connect with many of…

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  • Prejudice And Poem In Telephone Conversation By Wole Soyinka

    is the way the poet’s display the theme prejudice. “Telephone Conversation” simply addresses the idea of prejudice by creating a short conversation which is played by a black man who is looking for somewhere to live, and ends up calling a racist landlady who tries to be polite in finding out whether he is dark or light. Equally, “Still I rise” is based upon the same idea, but approaches the theme in a different way, her own way. Angelou convinces the reader of the importance of fighting against…

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