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  • Sandra Bland Case

    The case involving Sandra Bland and the Texas trooper Brian T. Encinia has been analyzed but the proof of Bland’s death still remains a mystery today. The case involving Bland and Encinia started when she was pulled over during a traffic stop. Encinia and Bland both escalated the situation that led to her arrest and later death. I think they are both guilty in their actions of making things worse during the traffic stop. In the past when people have been put in jail some have died there. Although the cause of death like in the case of Bland is not always known. Bland refused continued to refuse his order, and Encinia makes threats to remove her forcefully if she does not co-operate with his orders (Lai, and Park). The case that would follow proved how a cigarette made things worse. When she was in jail, Bland was not taken seriously by the cops. This is a possibility of how she died. Suicide was possible because she did not feel important but, Bland could have been killed in prison because the jail did not prioritize her state of mind. The case of Bland’s death has been widely debated and discussed by many citizens around the United States and also by many experts on crimes and treatment of people. Sandra Bland was a native to the city of Chicago although, she had been in Texas at the time of the traffic stop (Lai, and Park). Ms. Bland was in the state of Texas to accept a recent job offer at Prairie View A&M (Montgomery). On her ride Sandra is stopped by Texas…

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  • Music Research Papers

    with changes in social norms and technologies. After the Second World War, electric guitars were being produced in large numbers and they quickly became popular among the teens. They wanted to recreate the sound they were hearing from well-known bands of the time, which increased demand for electric guitars, electric basses, and drums. The reason why electric guitars were popular was because it was easy to learn and master them, did not require an advanced level of skill, did not require…

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  • Observation Of Kaleidoscope

    never ending pattern will repeat itself over and over again, it always seems new each time it 's picked up and looked at. The band “Kaleidoscope” also captures many of these same feelings. The group takes several instruments from different parts of the world that most would never consider to be played together and make them blend together in an almost seamless manner. The three performers, Bill Douglas, Ty Burhoe, and Sandra Wong each from a very different musical background although they all…

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  • Concert Report: Marty Liquori Concert

    several jazz songs with his friend Vic Donnell. They performed a variety of songs from blues, jazz roll, to bebop etc. Marty Liquori was the guitarist and his friend Vic Donnell the Keyboardist. Then the concert took a musical break and later they were joined by vocalist Patti Markoch where she sung a few songs while they played. Every songs will be listed below, including style with a brief description. The first song that they performed was “Alice in Wonderland,” it was executed in a jazz roll…

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  • American Music Vs Country Music

    Country music is a genre of the United States popular music that has originated in the Southern and Southeastern United States in the year of 1920. Country music takes the roots of several music genres from the southeastern part of the United States known as Blues music, folk music, and western music. Country music often consists of ballads and dance tunes. Country music features instruments such as banjos, mandolins, guitars, fiddles, harmonicas, accordions, dulcimers, acoustic bass, jaw harp,…

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  • Favorite Song Analysis Essay

    The melody, harmony and overall structure is fantastic, however being a musician, I automatically gravitate towards the musicianship. It just simply amazing to hear musicians who are the best at what they do and how they can make the simplest piece of music into a master piece. From the style of Clarence “Mac” on electric piano, which I mentioned early, to Ray Parker Jr. on guitar, who plays the guitar the way it should be played, not too loud but you know he’s there. Playing the electric bass…

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  • Tin Pan Alley's Lasting Impact On Popular Music

    it named ‘Tin Pan Alley’? • In the first half of the 20th century, the primary way of selling music was sheet music. Tin Pan Alley was a name given to those who were in the sheet music business: writers and publishers. About a hundred years ago, Tin Pan Alley got its start in New York City. Because of the many song writers plunking out their song ideas on rows of pianos sounded like a bunch of people banging tin cans, the locals began to call this Tin Pan Alley. 2. Who was Les Paul? What…

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  • Ukulele Research Paper

    The ukulele ; variant: ukelele) sometimes abbreviated to uke, is a member of the lute family of instruments; it generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings. The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian adaptation of the Portuguese machete, a small guitar-like instrument, which was introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants, many from Madeira and the Azores. It gained great popularity elsewhere in the United States during the early 20th century, and from…

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  • Son Jarocho Analysis

    Son Jarocho is a regional Mexican son musical style, where the artists using three main instrument which are jarana jarocho, requinto jarocho, and son jarocho harp. First is the two regional instruments which are jarana and requinto jarocho, jarana is an eight strings, guitar type that carved from a solid piece of wood and usually used for mãnicos. Then is the requinto jarocho which is also a small guitar type and has four strings and also it carved from a solid piece of wood and usually used…

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  • The Suzuki Method

    The idea of a String Methods class in undergraduate study is to explore the different approaches that happen around the world. There will be some methods more renowned than others, and of course, those will prevail and outshine the rest. However, this class will go into specific details of the classical instruments like Violin, Viola, Cello, and String Bass and how they are used throughout these String Methods. Consequently, these string instruments play a huge role in the music world around us;…

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