Personal Narrative: The Devastating Moment Of Hurricane Katrina

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Devastating moment of Hurricane Katrina One of the reminiscing events that have impacted my life was Hurricane Katrina. Katrina was one of the most powerful hurricanes throughout Louisiana. Even though I was very young, I can still remember some of the devastating tragedies that caused hurt throughout the city. Katrina was also extremely destructive and one of the costliest natural disasters. Experiencing this hurricane was very scary and nerve racking because this was my first time being introduced to something like this. Hurricane Katrina was not only terrifying, but heart breaking as well because it took away from many different people and harmed them. In August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina was introduced. I was at my parents’ house watching television with my family. It then began to rain for about four days straight. The rain was none stop and we had to stay inside the house for most of the time. The wind started to blow extremely hard and the rain began to fall even harder. The wind blew so hard, it almost seemed as if it would have blown me away. We watched the news and listened to the broadcaster say, “Hurricane Katrina is now in a category two going into three and evacuation needs to be an immediate consideration”. The next morning when I opened my front door, water was a little above my …show more content…
One may say they are grateful for being able to still love and see another day. Another may say that hurricanes have formed them to be an aware of what is to come and how to prepare for another one if it approaches. Knowing to evacuate beforehand, pack the necessary items needed for the evacuation, and knowing which routes to take while driving, can help a person become more knowledgeable. Not only will the individual have enough time to plan to get everything done in a timely manner, but also help the individual to become safe in this type of natural

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