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  • Shirley Chisholm Contributions To Society

    her Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. The group challenged the white leaders on why the black neighborhoods were being ignored. The leaders tried to quiet Chisholm by placing her on the board of directors and when she continued to speak out, they removed her from the post. This was an early lesson for Chisholm that people in political power did not like to be questioned! Chisholm was determined to end segregation. When she attended political clubs where community members met with the assemblyman and committee to discuss problems with the city. Shirley began to notice the differences in which the way white people and black people were treated. Shirley was not pleased at the way the council was treating the community and questioned the members. “I don't measure America by its achievement but by its potential.” Another quote by Shirley Chisholm. In 1964 she was elected to represent Bedford-Stuyvesant in the New York State Assembly being the second African–American woman to serve in Albany. She won and served in the New York general assembly from 1964 to1968. While serving on state assembly seat for two terms, during she proposed many bills, including one to raise funding for daycare and schools. In 1968 after finishing her term in the legislature, Chisholm’s campaigned to represent New York’s Twelfth Congressional District. A court–ordered redistricting that carved a new Brooklyn congressional district out of Chisholm's Bedford–Stuyvesant neighborhood convinced her to run for…

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  • Shirley Chisholm And The Civil Rights Movement

    Vietnam War. In 1969 she helped form the Congressional Black Caucus. She also was a member of the National Organization for Women. Ms. Chisholm was an activist for people of color, including Native Americans and Spanish-speaking immigrants. She often spoke about cultural and social issues. Chisholm joined a local Democratic club who worked to get rid of the white Democratic machine that held the power in her Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. The group challenged the white leaders on why the…

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  • American Red Cross Case Study

    To ensure all Red Cross societies are equal and that each will provide aide to the other (American, 2015). Who is their governing body? Namely, the American Red Cross is governed by their Board of Governors, which governs, directs, and oversees the management of the business and affairs of the organization (American, 2015). Ultimately, the Board of Governors executes the principles of the American Red Cross, which are found in the Congressional Charter of the American Red Cross (American,…

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  • Margaret Haerens 1950's Summary

    advertising and affordability than because of carefully considered preferences (49). Note #2 Lyman writes about fads as, “….advertisements as well as parental, peer, and social pressures may activate or strengthen the desire to conform” (55). Note #3 Lyman suggest that nonverbal communication is used in foodservice advertisements; a small French pastry placed on a large plate in order to portray an idea of special elegance (108). Research Information Set #4 Work Cited Glazer, Sarah. "How…

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  • Women In Combat Summary

    area that I will take from the book is in agreement of his assessment of our political leaders over exaggeration to the true contributions of women serving in combat. Kamarck, Kristy N., United States, Dept. of Defense, Congressional Research Service, “Women in Combat: Issues for Congress.” Congressional Research Service. Dec 2015. Web. 2 Feb 2016. Kristy Kamarck provides a detailed analysis of the path of women in the military to women serving in combat. The congressional research…

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  • Career Pathway Assignment

    The only job he has had in the industry was as a carpenter. He helps recruit individuals and sometimes mentors them. He has had many mentors along his path to success such as, J.P and Maxine Waters. What caught my attention was the Black Op’s Campaign. I was amused how a politician can destroy the reputation of another. There is no connection between you and your opponent however, you can tamper with the system by harming their campaign with social media. Professors should promote the career…

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  • Malala Research Papers

    She became an icon to look up to for feminists worldwide. She Co founded the national organization for women in 1966, serving as its first president. Betty fought for abortion rights by establishing the national association for the repeal of abortion laws in the year 1969. Betty than helped to create the national Women's political caucus in 1971. In 1982 Betty created her second book, “The second stage”. It created to help women balance between work and home demands. When she stopped…

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  • Arguments Against Term Limits

    force interest groups to work harder to gain their influence with each new class of congressmen. The Time Commitment An issue that stems from this need to constantly raise money to be a competitive candidate is that the time spent speaking with donors and working to raise money cuts into the time that candidates can spend working on actual legislation policy. This need to raise money is taxing on congressional representative’s, as it requires them to spend time attending events and speaking…

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  • Charles Lane Analysis

    more cost effective. In his March 29th article, in which he identifies the entities responsible for the opioid epidemic, he illustrates how widespread the issue is using statistics. He claims that between 1999 and 2015, “183,000 deaths [were] related to prescription opioid overdoses” (“Who is to blame”). This quote is placed near the beginning of the opinion editorial; it sets up the argument by identifying why this is an important issue. In his April 5th article, about a modern court case…

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  • Environmental Justice Movement Case Study

    in poor, rural Warren County, North Carolina, and at the time, had an 84 percent African-American population. Protesters against sitting the landfill in Afton argued that the sitting decision was discriminatory and was made because the community was minority and poor. According to Dr. Robert Bullard, the Afton PCB landfill site was not the most “scientifically suitable location” because of the high risk for groundwater contamination. Throughout six weeks of protest, more than 500 people were…

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